Train crash at Sisaket

I just received word that there was an incident involving the Bangkok to Ubon train this evening in Sisaket.

Apparently the incident happened near the Big C in Sisaket and it involved a truck.

More details to come as I get them.

*EDIT* Feb 21, 2010.

Email from a reader.

G’day Andrew, I thought I’d better update you on that train crash. I confirmed it with Tommy and the boys who socialize in the evenings near the Sisaket train station.

It was the rail motor that hit a gravel truck. The rail motor was heading towards Ubon. The train driver managed to jump out of the cab before it hit the truck. The cab was crumpled way back.

The rail motor was parked at Sisaket train station for a couple of days before being moved away for repair. Apparently the train driver suffered a nervous breakdown after the crash and needed hospital treatment.

11 responses to “Train crash at Sisaket

  1. Wow – please let me know as you find out details. Where are you getting details? TV? We have one – but never use it. No cable…

  2. Ok, guess it will hit the airwaves in a day or so… there’s no such thing as realtime news in Thailand… wait, you tried twitter? I’ll fire it up see if anyone is talking about it… there must be a tweeter in Sisaket, right? I know, wrong….

  3. I m sure that there must be at least one! Alas I am not a twitter myself so cannot be so sure about that!

  4. I searched Twitter for Sisaket and nobody mentioned it yet – so I did. Last time I stayed there I knew one German guy with a restaurant, and uhm, that’s about it. Oh wait – there was a guy Mike who set his Thai wife up with a noodle stand down by the railroad tracks. Great noodles for 15 baht. Those were the days (2006).

  5. The German guy – do you mean Frank?

  6. YES – Frank… I spent a couple dinners there getting the rundown of the place… seems like everyone does exactly that. You too obviously! lol…

  7. Never been to Sisaket…. yet! I have a Christmas tree that I need to return some day soon and when I do I will continue onto Sisaket to say hello to Frank!

  8. We’re using your comments in a way they’re not intended… lol!

    Your last comment sounds like a story hiding in there… dare I ask? Frank is a serious guy… and yet there is something light-hearted about him. I think you’ll enjoy your dinner and talk if he happens to have time to sit with you a bit.

    The big C is a new development there – I’m not sure where they put it. I could Google earth it maybe…

  9. Big C is on the West side of town. Coordinates are 15° 7’16.49″N, 104°18’26.25″E You can put those in the Google Earth or Google Maps search bar.

  10. Thanks Marc… we fired up Google Earth and called my wife’s aunt in Sisaket – apparently it was a train hitting a 10-wheeled truck. A VERY loud noise that everyone heard… but, no deaths is what they said…

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