Thailand and motorbikes

Spend more then a few minutes in Thailand and you will quickly understand that motorbikes are a major way of life here. Most people cannot afford a car and who really needs one when you can fit the entire family on a little scooter!
It is almost an obsession amongst visitors to see who can take a photo of the most people on one bike. 2 is the norm, 3 is nothing, 4 is interesting, 5 is worth getting the camera out, 6 is impressive and 7+ is amazing!
When my parents were here they hired a motorbike to get around. Obviously they never took my kids out on the main road but occasionally they would head down to Sunee (100 metres away) to get some food or grab a coffee. The kids loved it!

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  1. Hey, great pics , I’m sure you enjoyed the folks , and my the girls are growing up sooo fast , take care and spend as much time with them as you can they are only little once . hope all is well with you and yours and that the bakery and restuarant don’t keep you to busy , enjoy life . Malcolm
    I have a picture of 6 on a bike and sent it to friends and family in the USA and they could not believe it , Malcolm

  2. Great picture! The other thing that gets to me about motorcycles in Thailand is how the schoolgirls and office girls can sit side-saddle on the back seat. I always expect them to go flying off the bike in turns, or accelerating away from stop lights.

  3. Ken C this does happen, I have seen it a few times. Usually when the rider is going to fast or not paying attention and takes evasive action.

    The poor passenger sitting side saddle isn’t ready and doesn’t have anything to hang on to and goes flying.

    Andrew I was happy to see your dad wearing a helmet,obeying the law is a must here 🙂

    It is funny to see such excitment on the girls faces over a motorbike ride. It’s amazing how small thing can make such happy memories and lasting pictures.

    See you this week for coffee and cake

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