Thai airways and Nok air to share Ubon route

It would seem that my source was correct last week with it being confirmed by the Bangkok Post this morning.

“Thai Airways International has succumbed to political pressure and will keep flying between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani, one of the three loss-making domestic routes that was supposed to end later this month.However, the flag carrier will only offer one flight a day on the route, allowing sister budget carrier Nok Airlines to assume the two other daily services, starting on March 1.”

How will Thai Airways ever return to it’s former glory when meddling politicians still seem to have a say in what is a private company?

The full article can be found here.

3 responses to “Thai airways and Nok air to share Ubon route

  1. see they say about having a promotional fare of 790 baht, but checking on their website it says 1599 baht per person, would it be best to call them from uk


    • Hi Bob,

      More then likely just they days you were searching as last night I had a quick look and saw some of the specials available.

  2. Well Andrew, as I suspected, THAI will operate the afternoon flight.

    But just now, 3 pm, I checked prices for March 8, Bangkok to Ubon one way.

    Nok state 350.93 baht on their first page. When you move to confirm the flight the price is detailed as 350.93 + 1,248.07 for tax and fee surcharge making a total of 1,590.00 baht.

    Meanwhile THAI state on their first page 3,450 baht for one way trip. On the page to confirm the flight the prices details are given that add up to this total.

    I believe that the way Nok advertise their price is incorrect while THAI is correct. Nok could be guilty of false advertising.

    The total price should be given first up.

    We had this problem 30 years ago in New Zealand when GST or VAT tax was first introduced. People paid what they thought was the advertidsd price but then the GST was added on. Now all prices advertised MUST be the full price with GST included.

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