Sunee Grand Hotel, Ubon Ratchathani

The Sunee Grand Hotel is the newsest and by far nicest hotel currently in Ubon. Apart from it being the nicest it is also part of the biggest shopping complex in town which includes an adventure swimming pool and ten pin bowling.
When I was driving back from Laos a few weeks ago (yes that blog is still coming!) I suggested to my Dad that it would be nice to take Mum our somewhere nice as she had been left at home looking after my kids while we were having a great time across the border.
At the moment the hotel is still advertising prices as being their ‘opening specials’ and this makes it a good deal indeed. A locals 10% booking discount on top of that made it even better!
So Dad splashed out and went for the royal suite which cost only 4,000 baht or $133 Australian. This included a 10am check in and 2pm check out.
Never actually been inside the rooms at the hotel we all helped them to check in so we could check it out! Huge rooms, super king bed, two bathrooms one the (size of a normal hotel room) two flat screen TV’s, working desk, full size sofa etc etc.
One thing that was refreshing to see was that the room service prices were very reasonable with most meals costing between 60 – 200 baht (AUS $2 – $6)
They ended up having a great time, relaxing, eating and having numerous massages.
If you plan to visit Ubon and need a place to stay and you don’t mind paying a little more then everywhere else then I can highly recommend the Sunee Grand Hotel in Ubon.
Here are a few photos that we took before the kids messed up the room!

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  2. Sounds like a great hotel. Nice swimming pool, best hotel in Ubon R it has a fitness centre for 100b per day, Spa, restaurant, shopping complex etc etc.. and room rates are very reasonable.

    I will be visiting this hotel soon!

    and thank you for sharing MeMock 🙂

  3. They have a special on for the gym and the pool for just 50 baht before 1pm. Great value!

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