Trip to Laos

I have been promising (threatening) for the last two months to blog about my most recent trip to Laos back in January. This time it was a little different as I had my Father along for the ride along with my older brother Paul (the brains of the Laos operation) and a family friend who to keep him anonymous will be now known as Des.

January 16 saw us make a leisurely departure for Laos at around 10am. We had a few small interruptions at Chong Mek getting our car across the border but nothing that was to much stress. We cruised across the Mekong river into the town of Pakse around 3pm.

We checked into our hotel locally known as the white house and then set out to explore Pakse as well as filling out tummies! We quickly found a roadside shop that fulfilled us with a French loaf sandwich!

The rest of the afternoon saw us meandering around town before catching up for dinner and a sun-downer alongside the Mekong River. On this trip I decided not to bring my camera as Seerung needed it for work and Dad who is a great photographer was bringing his so for the next four or five blog entries you will see Laos through the eyes of my Dad instead of me.

Here are a few random pics from day 1.

A road side mechanical workshop.

Locals playing Pétanque

Some more locals.

Looking back across the the Mekong river.

7 responses to “Trip to Laos

  1. We made it to Ubon last week to visit family. When we went to Big C I had to use the Aeon ATM and while standing in line my wife recognized you daughters prank photo on the photo booth. We were both surprised but recognized it from your blog. She look great. Sorry we didn’t have an opportunity to stop by Peppers but there were many things i didn’t get to do before we left.

  2. Your dad sure takes some neat photos, the landscapes look great but I really do like the four ladies enjoying their motorbike ride. No crash helmets but that kind of pans out true.

    I used to enjoy an occasional game of boulles when staying in Wilai’s village in Udon but the crowds got a bit big and the beer and cigarettes bill a touch too high. We played in our front garden and a few flowers got trampled as well. Nowadays I give the game a miss.

    A French loaf sandwich and what appears to be very quiet roads, looks like the ideal neck of the woods for a little R&R and some of that famous Lao beer.

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