Trip to Laos part II

Trip to Laos part II. Following on from Part I.

Bright and early the next morning we set off towards the Bolaven Plateau and the town ofPaksong. First stop was the farm of Delta Coffee which is where Peppers buys all their great coffee from.

Although no one was there we had organised our visit ahead of time. We had a good look around the farm, this being the first time I had ever seen coffee plants up close.

We had a look around the sheds as well and discovered all kinds of equipment.

Down the hill a little we were delighted to find a pristine looking stream and much to my Dads delight a working mini hydro plant.

After spending over an hour there we heading back into the township of Paksong where I wanted Dad and Des who, how shall we put this nicely…. are addicted to coffee, to meet a man by the name of Coffee and indulge in what he does best, drink and talk about coffee! Unfortunately he wasn’t home so we pushed on.
Apart from coffee the other major reason for travelling around the Bolaven Plateau was to check out a few Agarwood plantations. We came across one major place which had some good looking trees but the rest were just a few scattered here and there. Before we saw any though we stopped and had a look at coffee beans drying on the side of the road.

As well as this nice waterfall. The car park was full of tour buses from Thailand and people were everywhere but it was still a nice place to stop and stretch the legs. I am hoping that Mr Coffee who reads this blog will let me know the name of this place as well as the next waterfall that I am about to write about. *edit* Mr coffee has emailed me and told me that it is called bacheanc (the disneyland waterfall.)

I saw this interesting sign in one of the car parks.

It was then time to find some lunch (and coffee!) Not much luck on the coffee front (this was a trend that was to follow for most of the trip much to their disappointment!) Lunch was also interesting in this small village that we stopped at. A lot of things looked promising but failed to deliver while there were also a few pleasant surprises as well. Whilst there we met an American man who was riding around on his motorbike. Thankfully he had a map as the road we had planned to head back to Pakse on we found out was a lot further then we thought as well as being in very bad condition. It would have seen us arriving home well after dark. He also told us of another waterfall which was only a few kms away which we decided to go and see.

This place was much quieter as well as being a better waterfall to look at and we enjoyed our time here. *Edit* Mr Coffee has informed me that it is called Couple Waterfalls.

From there we drove straight back to Pakse arriving just before sunset. Outside the hotel we saw the aftermath of an accident which Dad took a few photos of.

I really love the second one that he took. Notice the bike coming out of the side street? Five people on board, no helmets and not concerned about the policeman (getting off his motorbike) at all!

That night we met up with some friends of mine for dinner who live in Pakse and are currently setting up a Cafe/Bakery to help train up locals by giving them skills in English, cooking, cleaning, business management, customer service etc etc. It is a great project and I will follow it with interest. Next time I go over there I plan to take some photos and publish more about what they are doing exactly.

After dinner we went and had a look at their business premises before walking back to the hotel for a much needed sleep!

Day Three, Pakse to Thakhek, coming soon.

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  1. what’s the going rate on a cow these days ? the anti-mongering laws in Laos are kinda scary.

    • Scary? I think they are fantastic! It is one thing that makes Laos such a refreshing place to visit if you compare it to Thailand. No sex tourists. As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t be happier if there was not a single one of these in the entire world.

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  5. Hello, is it possible to have the email of Mr Coffee please?I’m going to Laos in few days.

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