The Ubon Pappayon Theatre – Ubon Ratchathani

The Ubon Pappayon Theatre was a building I was unaware of and have driven past many times without realising its historical significance. This all changed when I started reading about PJ.

PJ is a movie buff and has many fond memories of going to the movie theaters in downtown Philadelphia as a kid. Since moving to Thailand he has made it his mission to find all the old stand-alone theaters here before they’re lost to the march of progress as now the market is dominated by a few boring multiplexes.

His blog is well worth a read and I thank him for not only showing me something in my own back yard but to also allow me to use his photos and information.

According to PJ locals estimated the Ubon Pappayon Theatre to be between 60 and 70 years old. He says that even though it is aging, neglected and used as a warehouse, the Ubon Pappayon Theatre retains an air of architectural dignity all the same.

It is located on Phalorangrit Road, close to Tung Sri Muang Park.

Do any of my ‘older readers’ remember attending a movie here? If so, please share your experience!

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  1. I remember pckng up my late wfe’s neces and nephew from ths theatre n 1979. Because I have been here n Ubon for so long, I thought everyone knew t was an old move theatre.

    Other old move theatres stll standng n Ubon are the Ubon Plaza shoppng complex at Thung Sr Muang and a large buldng n the old part of town near the rver whch used to be the man store of Yong Sangnuan (Saveland) before they buld ther new store across the rver opposte Ubon Wassaduk. It stll has an underground car park wth a lft up to the 3rd floor.

    I remember my wfe also tellng me about the bg old wooded move theatre on the land where the SK Shoppng centre s now. It burnt to the ground some tme n the 1960s.

  2. H Mchael,

    Thanks for your comment wth extra nformaton. Unless I was born here I am not sure how I would have known ths was an old theatre!! Even then, I was only 3 years old n 1979!
    The Ubon Plaza that you mentoned , s that the buldng oppost the north-west corner of the park?
    The buldng near talart ya I know about but never realsed t was an old theatre.

  3. Ubon Plaza s Ubon Plaza. Lke we all know Tesco Lotus, Robnson etc. It s n the northwest corner of the park. I haven’t been shoppng there for a year or two so I don’t know f t stll a Department store or not.

    And the above old move theatre s on Phalorangrt Road not Phchtrangsan Road whch s one up further north than Phalorangrt road whch has the Seven Day Adventst church and school and Governor’s house the next block over to the east.

  4. Yep that s the one I was thnkng about. Have never been n and never even looked at ts name before. Thanks for the update on the road name – I wll go and change the blog.

  5. The other theatre I talked about above s not so very near Talart Ya. It s on Luang Road just before the ntersecton of Phrommathep Road.

    If you come down past the Man Cty Post Offce on your left (that s Luang Road) and just before Phrommathep Road, the old theatre and then Superstore s on your RIGHT. I haven’t been there for a few years and so I don’t know f t s stll own by the Ubon supersore chan, Saveland-Yong Sangnuan, or whether some other busness s n there.

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