Trip to Laos part IV

Trip to Laos part IV. Following on from Part I, Part II and part III.

Day four was a much more interesting drive then day three. We left Tha Khaek a little after sun up and breakfast at the hotel. We continued north-west for two hours before turning East towards Vietnam and the farm. Filled up with petrol and a few snacks and we were back on the road again.

The scenery quickly changed as soon as we approached the foothills of the mountain range.

We stopped at a few look outs but as per usual it was very hazy.

At one of the places we stopped I was pleased to see a dog truck approaching en route to the dinner plates of the Vietnamese. I had told Dad and Des about The Bucket Trucks earlier so it was good timing.

As per usual the drive was very nice and there was always something to see or take a photo of. At least these little piggies were not (yet) off to market like the dogs. Here they are running allllll the way home.

We arrived into Lak Sao at midday….

… and checked into my home away from home, the Souriya hotel.

After lunch we headed out to the farm to get proceeding underway for another harvest. It was an exciting day as the results were the best that we had achieved so far with some trees showing good strains of dark wood.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cutting down trees and sorting them ready for the carving crew who were due to start in the morning.

Next: Day V. Tree harvesting and Dad and Des explore Laxsao by motorbike.

6 responses to “Trip to Laos part IV

  1. fascinating…is this Agar used for perfume and incense sticks…and do you have a farm for farming this too ??

    My God…the Dog trucks..never heard of this !!!!!!

  2. I love the picture of the little piglets but the dogs, that breaks my heart. I remember your post the bucket truck. Heartbreaking.

    Once again I see from your photos just how quiet the roads are. It must make your journey a whole lot more enjoyable and a damn lot quicker.

  3. Still no pictures of rum drinking!!!! You can pixilate your mug you know, probably an improvement 🙂

    The timber looked like some dirty big bug had been eating away at it. This argawood thing I need to read more about it….

  4. Brunty, nothing can improve my mug – not even pixilation!

    Martyn, I finally have a pic my Dad took of the original bucket truck in the village so will update that old post. Yes the roads are quiet apart from around sun down especially on the outskirts of Vientianne.

    Doug, Agar is used for many different things including perfume and incense sticks. We do not do the sticks but are currently organising trials for oil as well as selling wood to other people to distil for oil themselves.

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