Life through the view finder of a four year old

I am currently in Bangkok on my way back home after attending the ANZAC day dawn service at Hell fire pass and the morning service at Kanchanupburi yesterday.

I will get back to regular blogging when I get back but in the mean time I thought I would upload some of my daughters work. A few weeks ago Ariya (aged 4) asked if she could use my camera. I set her up with a few quick lessons and then left her to it.

This is what she came back with.

3 responses to “Life through the view finder of a four year old

  1. Can you get a few pointers from her, they are much more interesting than what you seem to think is art or photography 🙂 Loved the picture of the rocking horse and thongs

  2. What did you teach her?! I like the last one of the pillowcase the best – it shows really good balance and I love it when the foreground is clear but the background is blurry.

    I want lessons from her when I next see her. 😉

    • I taught her how not to drop the camera and where the button is to take the pics! I will let her know that you would like lessons, be warned though – she isn’t cheap!

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