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Last month when I wrote about he Ubon Pappayon Theatre I received some great comments from a regular reader called Michael. Michael has lived in Thailand for many years and most recently in Ubon for the past few decades! He is a wealth of information on all things Ubon and many times I have called on him for help with some obscure question regarding the history of Ubon.

After he read my post about the Pappayon theatre he got inspired and supplied me with some more history as well as photos and I am very happy to publish them here for you all.

I have not edited anything at all but have simply just cut and pasted. I will split them up into three different parts. Theatres, bowling alleys and hotels.

Ubon Plaza theatre used to be called Chalerm Wattana Theatre. I attached a photo with the Ubon Plaza name clearly in Thai. It is still a Department store selling clothes etc far cheaper than elsewhere. Also very cheap booze at their liquor store.

Ubon Plaza theatre used to be called Chalerm Wattana Theatre.

The Theatre on Luang Road is still standing tall, very tall. You can see the entrance to the underground carpark. I can’t find out the name of this theatre because it closed as a theatre over 50 years ago. I have attached two photos.

Old theatre on Luang Road

Old theatre on Luang Road

The Sinrachabutr theatre was on Ratchatbutr road where there is now a tall car park building. Between the roads Khueanthani and Phrommarat. No photo.

The theatre that burnt down at the SK shopping centre was called Srisin theatre.

Ubon Pappayon was usually known as Ubon Cinema.

Nimit Rama theatre was opposite Home Hub on Chayangkhun Road just down from the Esso service station. It was pulled down some years ago but the vacant land can be clearly seen.

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  1. The theatre on Luang Road was the main Yong Sanguan store for many years until they built their new one opposite Ubon Wassaduk on the way to Warin.

    I wonder how many readers of this site in Ubon go to the movies? The last time I went was in 1997 at the Nevada complex. And that was the last time anywhere. The only time I see movies now are on long distance air flights or at home on the UBC movie channels (most are on their 10th or more rerun). I don’t even buy or hire DVDs.

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  3. I must admit Michael I have never been to the movies here in Ubon. I must admit I an not a big movie goer anyway but here in Ubon I don’t even think about it due to numerous reasons:
    1 and 2 is family and work commitments.
    3 is that 99% of them are in the Thai lanuage
    4 is a lack of advertising in the places that I visit.

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  5. I saw Jame Bond at the Nimit Rama theater in 1971-1972.. My first off base movie.. Cheap seats, fuc buah (lily pad seeds), and to my surprise, the soundtrack was in Thai. 🙂 I later learned you could spend 20 baht and go to the projection room and listen in English. Where is the fun in that? Sometimes the dialog was in real time and they would make jokes

    • Fuk Buah as a cinema snack – how classic Thai! My daughters love eating that whenever we visit Ubon. Would have love to have been with you Jay experiencing what you did – thanks for sharing with us all. I hope there some other threads on this blog that you can add a little insight to as well.

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