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My girls love the Thai village life

When we first moved to the village almost two years ago the girls didn’t really like living there. They weren’t use to the heat, the constant attention from the locals, dogs that were dangerous to play with, stairs that were too steep for them to navigate, the dust, the flies etc etc.
As time has progressed they have slowly become more accustomed to it. They have made friends, they have more freedom to explore as they have got older, they have discovered the river and worked out which dogs don’t bite!
You can now comfortably say that it is their favourite place to be. They get so excited whenever I tell them that we are off to the village for a few days and are genuinely disappointed when it is time to return to Ubon.
The main difference I believe that has brought on this change is that they are no longer the centre of attention. The locals have become used to them and they are no longer treat them like the latest attraction at the zoo.

Will all the building going on there has been a lot of furniture being moved around that belongs to my sister in law. Ariya and Marisah discovered some old and in my opinion hideous dresses which they simply adored.

They put them on and along with their tip tops (high heel shoes) decided they were dressed suitably enough to visit the pig farm.

Marisah must have mistaken the road as a catwalk and decided to strike a pose.

They play a lot more outside when they are in the village and by the end of the day are very tired. Recently we have noticed that instead of sleeping slightly separated they have been cuddling up to each other which looks so cute.

Back to regular blogging

Now that the red shirt unrest in Ubon seems to have died (pun intended) down it is time to resume some more regular blogging and catch up on news of a more personal nature.

First up the fence and new kitchen downstairs. I last blogged a few weeks ago about it here. We have been making quite a few trips back and forth to the village and on some occasions I have left the girls there for a few days while I have come back into Ubon. The fence is now basically finished (just needs a lick of paint) and the Kitchen is almost done. Sunday was the last time I was out there and I forgot the camera so you will have to look at these photos from the week before that I’m sorry. As soon as I have so more up to date ones I will post them.

MeMock gets tweeted

After a long time in the wilderness I have finally succumbed and joined Twitter. I originally signed up so that I could get unedited news live from bangkok during the recent uprising. I have since then discovered that is is a handy tool for me to update this blog with little snippets of news that do not really need a separate blog entry.

You can follow my ramblings direct through twitter if you like by clicking here. Otherwise you can see recent tweets on my main page in the right hand column.

Ubon update

A lot quieter here in Ubon today…. so far.

Rumours are circulating quite freely which doesn’t help the already delicate situation. Most shops reopened this morning. Sunee Grand Hotel and City Mall did not however due to reports that Red shirts were on their way to attack it. The entire complex was completely shut down and guests were told to check out. (Quick plug: Peppers is of course still open!)
They told me they would remain closed for the rest of the day and will text me in the morning after deciding if to open or not.
Another story I have heard is that the Red Shirts are planning to take over the main bus station in town out by Macro. This is meant to be happening now so I will head out soon to go and take a little look. *Edit* I have just got back and it is business as usual down there as well as almost everywhere else. *Edit*
Curfew is still in place but the hours are 9pm – 5am.

Deaths in Ubon? (*edit* I believe there was five.)

Ubon is now under curfew (8am – 6pm) as is 21 other provinces. I sent my staff home at 5pm and closed the shop just before the curfew began. The ride home was quiet. All shopping centres and western style businesses closed up at around 4pm. I did not see any red shirts on my short ride home.

Earlier today I mentioned that stories were circulating about deaths occurring at the protest that I covered at 1pm today. At that stage it was just a rumour. I guess technically it is still a rumour but since then I have had confirmation from people who were at the protest as well as a nursing contact who said that people were admitted with gun shot wounds to Sappasit hospital. Once again I do need to stress this is still unconfirmed but I am tending to now believe that between 3 and 5 people were killed when protesters broke through the barricades outside the Provincial Office which later was burnt to the ground.

*EDIT* just received this comment from a reader. “Two dead are confirmed in the Bangkok Post. “Two demonstrators were shot dead and five people were wounded. ”

*EDIT* Due to more information coming in I am now going to say that I believe five people were killed when the red shirts stormed the government offices.

Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Office gutted by fire

Latest photos from Ubon taken an hour ago at 5pm. They explain it all really.

This fire truck was set upon by protesters and torched just 100m from the fire.