Ubon Ratchathani history – Bowling Alleys

Following on from the previous post about old Theatres in Ubon Ratchathani it is now time to cover old bowling alleys courtesy of Michael.

Before I begin I should mention that the only place now in Ubon to go bowling is at the Sunee Grand Hotel / City Mall complex. Okay, over to Michael….

A photo of the old bowling alley on Phicitrangsan Road (west end) just before reaching Chawalanok Road. In the late 70s it closed down and for a while it was a very dark roller skating place where the young would go for fun and roller skate around. Photo included. A pickup place.

Old bowling alley on Phicitrangsan Road

The Yamaha motor bike shop opposite the Pathumrat hotel used to be the No 1 bowling alley in Ubon. Now a bike place. Photo attached.

Former No 1 bowling alley in Ubon

2 responses to “Ubon Ratchathani history – Bowling Alleys

  1. Michael Hare

    I have never been able to understand if bowling is a sport or just an enjoyable kid’s game. About 30 years ago I went bowling several times and it felt like a larger game of skittles. I used to bowl the ball down straight and all the pins (skittles) would fall over. For the life of me I couldn’t see where the skill factor came in.

    To me bowling is outside on a green. Lawn bowls. Now that is a skilful game. Not only does one have to play the ball skilfully, but one has to adjust one’s game to the green (different kinds of grass or herbs, mowing and watering factors, and the weather). Plus, usually it is quiet which is in contrast to the loud music played at Thai indoor bowling alleys. and there is a dress code. All whites.

  2. When you see people that are really good at bowling you realise very quickly that there is some skill involved!
    I have always enjoyed bowling but it was more for the social aspect of it as it great to go with friends or on a date etc.
    It is a real shame that the music at the bowling ally at sunee here in Ubon is so noisy – it would be a great spot otherwise.

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