Ubon Ratchathani history – Hotels

Following on from our previous post about old theatres and bowling alleys in Ubon Ratchathani it is now time for the third and final instalment – old hotels.

Once again, I have just cut and pasted this information in its entirety from Michael.

Ubon Hotel otherwise known as the 9 storey hotel.

Ubon Hotel In the 1960s the best in town. Lots of action. Also called the 9 storey hotel. Had a terrific nightclub on the 9th floor.

Ratchathani hotel

Ratchathani hotel. Has always been a good hotel Very clean and well run. Has just been refurnished. I like solar panels on the roof for heating hotwater. The restaurant underneath has always been first class. I often eat there these days. Great food. In the 1960s it had great bands.

Chio Kee Restaurant

When I used to stay there in the 1970s I always had breakfast at Chio Kee restaurant a few metres down the road. They still serve good breakfasts and lunches. Try their American fried rice. A real GI serving.

Pathumrat Hotel Side entrance

The Pathumrat Hotel opened in 1975 just as the American airbase closed. It used to have a tremendous nightclub on the 5th floor. Here is the side entrance that we used to get up. On the way to the Long beach massage palour.

Now I feel my age.

I had better have a cup of cocoa and take a nap.



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