Ubon red shirt update

After yesterdays excitement a lot of people have made contact to ask how Ubon is/was today. I am happy to report that things seem very quiet around town.

I had to go out for most of the afternoon and early evening for business which took me to a few different parts of town. The only thing that I noticed that was out of the ordinary was troops starting to gather at the intersection of Suriyat and Chayangkun Road after the sun went down this evening.

I had two different emails from people saying that the airport was closed. This is not true.

When I dropped into Peppers at lunch time I noticed some fresh graffiti on the wall where the protests were held yesterday. Graffiti is very rare around here so of course it caught me eye.

In Thai it says รัฐบาลฆ่าประชาชน รัฐบาลสั่งฆ่าประชาชน อภิทธิ์สั่งฆ่าประชาชน roughly translated into English it means The government killed people.
The Government ordered to kill people. Abhisit ordered to kill people. (Abhisit is the Thai Prime Minister.)

I wonder how long it will stay on the wall.

My blog yesterday has resulted in a few excellent comments from readers coming from very different sides of the argument in regards to the Red Shirts. I would love to know what you think, feel free to enter the debate here if you dare!

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  1. Keep up the fight. We cant do much here from the US, but we are overwealmed by the courage of the red shirts, as they push to preserve and persue democracy.

    We (not myself) fought and died against the most powerful empire in the world. We have endured the sacrifice.

    Red Shirts even asked to have the UN to Mediate and the UN has agreed. As isolationist tactics are used by the government, they refused, claiming they do not need outside help. Ego’s are involved here on the side of the government. They need to respect their people, not their power.

    • Yes! Keep up the fight. Keep deliberately putting women and children in the zone in BKK so that when they’re killed the cause will be strengthened. Genius!

      Yes! Go America, home of the free! The US is perfect in every conceivable way and has never fucked-up any countries in the world!

  2. Many in the red shirts believe that this whole protest movement is about democracy.

    Unfortunately it is not. Here I blame the Yellow Shirts for starting the precedent of blocking the airports and getting away with it. The present government has never prosecuted anyone. But maybe they can’t because there are a lot of dark forces high up behind all of this. Thai politics is so complicated with royalty, army, police and local godfathers.

    But whenever the Red Shirts come out there is death and violence. In Chiangmai several months ago they dragged an innocent elderly man out of a car and beat him to death after pulling off his limbs. There have never been any deaths with Yellow Shirt protests.

    This is not a fight about democracy. It is all about Thaksin. If Thaksin wasn’t involved, I doubt very much there would be these protests. Here is a man who has been convicted of serious fraud but chooses to become a fugitive living in luxury abroad. A few days ago he was shopping in Paris at a Louis Vuitton store. Here is a man who gave the finger to the UN when they questioned him about Human Rights Abuses on the drug crackdown. He said “The UN is not my FATHER”. Now he wants the UN to come in.

    Last week, on one of his radio call in programs, he compared himself to Aung San Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela. These two people did not flee abroad but stood up to their beliefs and went into house arrest (15 years or more Aung San Saa Kyi) or imprisonment (Nelson Mandela 25+ years).

    If Thaksin had taken his punishment and gone to prison he would have become even more of a hero to the present day Red Shirts.

    Thaksin instead flees and lets others take the bullets and people like Seh Daeng become martyrs for a false cause.

    Why don’t the Red Shirts just wait until the elections in November? With the massive vote buying that occurs in Thailand, between Thaksin’s money and Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan’s money, the Puea Thai Party would win hands down. And the present Democratic party may be disbanded because of electoral fraud. The elections would be a one horse race.

    All players in this sad situation are losers.

    One of Abhisit Vejjajiva’s problems is that he has been too nice, thinking that the protests would fade away, especially after he offered a way out with his road map. He has showed remarkable restraint. Prime Ministers before him, such as Phibun Songkhram, Thanon Kittikachorn and Sarit Thanarat (especially Sarit) would have crushed the protestors from day one with tanks and live rounds. No body wants this. Those days were evil.

    Abhisit Vejjajiva loses out because even after peace is restored I doubt that either he or his family can live in safety in Thailand. Like decent men before him, Pridi Banomyong and Puey Ungphakorn, Abhisit Vejjajiva will have to go into exile. Otherwise he will be assassinated.

    The rhetoric is unbelievable from Thaksin’s side. In today’s Bangkok Post is the following quote “Thaksin Shinawatra’s former foreign minister Kantathi Suphamongkhon said Prime Minister Abhisit must be mindful that in addition to the domestic criminal liability he may face for ordering or allowing the use of force against civilian protesters, he may face international criminal prosecution as well. Under international law, the widespread or systematic attacks directed against any civilian population can be considered crimes against humanity, the former foreign minister wrote from Los Angeles”.

    Well Mr Kanthai, if anyone should be brought before the International Court, it should be Thaksin for ordering his provinces to have a high “head count” during his so-called crack down on drugs where 2,500 people were executed without trial.

    The whole situation is complete madness. Even I am affected to a small degree. My maid is off to join the Red Shirts. My son can’t get into his condo near the Four Seasons Hotel at Rajaprasong Intersection and he can’t go to work at Thomson Reuters because their offices are on Rama IV road near Lumpini Park, which are in the live fire zone. And I am going to take the photo of my son with Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan (Minister of Education then) off my wall for getting his award for First in English in Thailand in 2003.

    I am also finding the BBC news and CNN news biased towards the Red Shirts. A few minutes ago I turn on BBC and they say the Thai government has called off all talks with the Red Shirts until they disperse. But on Thai TV at the same time, it shows the Senate leader getting ready to present to the Red Shirts, government conditions to end the conflict. This proposal was signed by 55 Senate members. Let us hope there is a peaceful solution tomorrow.

    And two last points. Firstly, if no one is in these live fire zones then no one would get shot. Pack up and go home.

    Secondly, I don’t sit on bar stools because I don’t go to bars. I speak, read and write Thai and I run my International business from Ubon, contracting over 1000 farmers to produce grass seed. I am also a permanent resident of Thailand. I believe that I do know a little about what is happening in Thailand. I listen to Thai radio, read Thai newspapers, watch Thai TV and talk to all status of Thai people.

    • You know so.o.o.o.oo much. From behind yellow tints!! As I answered you on the other comments, I pass the same comment:

      No, Michael, you are not losing. You have lost! Your bucket’s got a hole in it!
      And, shame, Mommy’s unarmed troopy-woopies only had little dinky-toy armoured lollies and automatic lifles and flack jackets and teargas and glenades and helmets to defend themselves with against those naughty boys and girls with mortally dangerous slingshots…..

      You have offered no constructive answers. You keep hammering the Thaksin drum. Do you even read the comments on your comments?
      Now tell me, where did you hear about an old man being beaten to death, limbs torn off and all by redshirts? First hand, Michael, or through the “government” media. You have an international business. Sell to the elite? Socialise with? Do you bother to speak to grass-roots folk on this issue? Where have you been since you came to Thailand, doing a Rip van Winkle?

  3. Well, its 4.50 am Thai time and a large number of troops and armoured vehicles are massing in BKK so hopefully this will be the end of it

  4. Brad, you are obviously uninformed and out of touch with reality. Please stop posting and making your fellow Americans look bad. Seriously, you need to do some actual research as I bet you just turned on the TV for your info. My god man…

  5. While the red shirts are dying in BKK, their unofficial leader, heir Toxin, was shopping in Paris; sounds about right

    • AAW, Bulldog, shush, already with the boom,boom,boom, Thaksin stinks. It is getting boring and nauseating.

    • I’ll bet Mr Bulldog is sat comfortably in an easy chair chugging a beer and glued to the box, somewhere in UK?
      Apologies if you are indeed within all the action and involved at local level socially, domestically and at work.

      • Yes I am sitting very comfortably here in the UK, though I hate beer. More of an absinthe fan, I find it helps to blot out my meaningless and decadent life.

  6. David,

    The old man beaten to death was in the Thai newspapers. They arrested the main suspects. They had a court case. The 4 main suspects were found guilty after a trial. They have gone to prison for manslaughter. it was well reported in the Thai newspapers.

    I am in villages most days. I know what they think. Most of them are Red shirts. I correct that. All are Red shirts but nearly all are extremely decent people and are not violent.

    I am not a red shirt, I don’t support the royalty, I have taken alll pictures of the king my beloved late wife had on the walls. There is no party I currently support in Thailand. All are too right wing for me.

    There is no party I like. All are corrupt.

    But these protests are not the way to do things. From one right wing group (yellow shirts) to another far more extreme right wing group the red shirts.

  7. I note some sobriety in your comment. This time I share most of the sentiment you reveal.
    Funny, though, that the redshirts are conveniently being labelled “communist” by the establishment to try to get American support. I have certainly not met a redshirt commie!

  8. David, it might help your cause, if you propose to have one, if you could explain what and who exactly you support in this political circus. There is a moderate party in power at present and the oposition has clearly demonstrated that it wishes to regain power for Thaksin (not the rural red shirt followers who are being used in this theatre) so that he can to destroy democracy in Thailand. The TRT party and its members were a political party founded and paid for lock stock and barrel by Toxin. He own all his members and he dictated goverment policy. 2500 extra judicial (executed in cold blood by law offic ers in the streets of Thailand all within a six month period). That is 50 killings a week. There was also the slaughter of 40 plus seperatists in a Southern mosque. There was no need to kill them, the mosque was surrounded on all sides by the military and there were no hostages involved. This cowardly Toxin will issue orders for killings and violent uprising from the safety of his ill gained luxury status. Twenty plus years ago Toxin didn’t have two coins in his pocket, then out of the mist someone in government gave him personally the sole concession to set up the first and only mobile phone service in Thailand, he had that monopoly for several years and during that time he took every oportunaty to charge his customers 200/300% over the odds for phone purchases and 30% over the odds for the fixed monthly fees. All phones had to be purchased through his monopoly. As time past he decided he wanted to be the PM and thats why he used the rural poor and bought/formed a political party from scratch and he became Thailands first civilian dictator. The rural real red shirts are there own worst enemy, they vote for the candidates that pay the most vote money, 200 to 300 baht and up politics doesn’t come into it. The majority of the elected officials will opt to build more roads for the local villages, not that the red roads are already fit for purpose. New roads are easy for creaming off the corruption monies. This does not bother the red shirts because they already have their pittance. What they really would like is the free handouts that they got from Toxin Incorporated, he is their santa clause and as long as they get his gifts they dont care how many people he kills or even if he aims to get rid of the monachy. The real rural red shirts are very simple minded people. The militants an anochists that we have seen in BKK recently are the Toxin side arms true to his colours. The police will follow the money.

  9. I now only respond to people now who show some sign of knowledge and not just offer unfounded opinions and criticism with no substantiation. As long as they keep, by real words and implication, labelling the redshirts “idiots” and imply they can not think for themselves or have no political beliefs, why should I waste time on them? I am appalled that I actually married into a family of idiots! Man, all this time they have hidden from me the fact that they were paid to vote for Thaksin. Now, my doctor is a redshirt, so I had better admonish the idiot for taking dirty money to vote for this evil man. And, oh, my gosh….. another friend that owns a few businesses around Esaan is another lying idiot. And all this time I thought he needed 200 or 300Bt like he needs a hole in the head! And, aw, man, my hotel-owner friends, and oh, this gets worse….. one of the biggest and richest builders (close friend) in this neck of the woods….. all this time they have been voting because of being paid 200-300Bt. Disgusting! All this time I thought they were highly educated, intelligent people with their own views on politics in their own country. I’m off too seee my councellor…. my shrink. And I had better inform all these friends that they are idiots.

  10. Great riposte

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