Deaths in Ubon? (*edit* I believe there was five.)

Ubon is now under curfew (8am – 6pm) as is 21 other provinces. I sent my staff home at 5pm and closed the shop just before the curfew began. The ride home was quiet. All shopping centres and western style businesses closed up at around 4pm. I did not see any red shirts on my short ride home.

Earlier today I mentioned that stories were circulating about deaths occurring at the protest that I covered at 1pm today. At that stage it was just a rumour. I guess technically it is still a rumour but since then I have had confirmation from people who were at the protest as well as a nursing contact who said that people were admitted with gun shot wounds to Sappasit hospital. Once again I do need to stress this is still unconfirmed but I am tending to now believe that between 3 and 5 people were killed when protesters broke through the barricades outside the Provincial Office which later was burnt to the ground.

*EDIT* just received this comment from a reader. “Two dead are confirmed in the Bangkok Post. “Two demonstrators were shot dead and five people were wounded. ”

*EDIT* Due to more information coming in I am now going to say that I believe five people were killed when the red shirts stormed the government offices.

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  1. Thank you for your startling coverage. There is no mention of what has been happening in Ubon in any of the Bangkok news media. Please keep us posted, especially about what is happening at the Army base or the RTAF Wing.

  2. I will C U at 5.30am at the park to inpect the damage 🙂

    I haven’t been able to confirm the GH being burnt down.

    Well done mate this was a great scoop.

  3. I’ll echo what Arthurson said…the “Bangkok Post” has a few lines of text, but no photo coverage of the situation in Ubon.

    Your pictures, while vivid & shocking, are very informative, and helpful in getting a more complete picture of the situation.

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.

  4. Hope you don’t mind, I used a couple of your pictures with credits and links back to you (and added you to my blog roll) at –

    Look forward to getting out your way from Korat one day and trying some of your pizzas – I’ve even got my wife now saying that life without pizza is not worth living.


  5. Thanks so much. Its frustrating to know everything about whats going on in Bangkok, yet have no clue whats going on a few minutes away from my house. Your posts have been very helpful.

  6. thanks me mock for keeping us up to date with the news and pics of what is going on in ubon,
    stay safe mate.


  7. I think that CNN should be getting concerned that you have better coverage than them.
    You could become MMN (Memock News)
    Well done,I’ll bet you are having a ball!

  8. The REDS have said that will march on Ubon Ratchathani University tomorrow to torch the Santi Asoke farm there after torching the Charoen Sri Market on the way to the university.

    Six confirmed deaths yesterday from soldiers trying to shop the torching of UBON provincial buildings. They really wanted to shoot the police as well because they stepped aside and smiled! The army is highly pissed believe me.

    These REDS are your MATES David. Do you like it?

    History tells us that when shirts march they have been BROWN (Germany) or BLACK (Italy). These RED leaders are a pack of fascists deceiving simple, hard working honest people.

  9. Well said

  10. history tells us Garibalid’s shirts were red, and they liberated a country from an evil monarchy.
    Will history repeat?
    Which is worse? burning a uiblding or shooting 6 people?
    History shows killing is never right.

  11. “6 confirmed deaths”…confirmed by whom?

    Other colors march too and may be considered so right wing, that they’re hogging the touchline.

  12. hardly. his words regarding the monarchy are very foolish indeeed.

  13. For a very balanced view read The Economist.

    Here is a link to the article.

    Make your own judgment.

    My final comment is this: All parties are very right wing in Thailand. There is no left-of-centre party. There is no party that has the interests of ordinary people and village farmers as a major goal.

    One has to read many books and talk to many people before one can make a sound judgment.

    Over the last two days I have travelled from Ubon to Korat, Korat to Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen to Ubon, and not once did I see any army personnel or police. One would never know that there has been any violence or burning of buildings in Thailand. Indeed, in the countryside the farmers were busy preparing their rice fields for rice broadcasting.

  14. I’d agree that all parties are right-wing in Thailand. You only have to look at the fact that we as foreigners are very much second-class citizens, even us married to Thais. Citizenship is rarely given out, foreigners barred from something like 40 + different professions, which is why Thailand lags behind some of its SE Asian neighbours.

  15. Anyway, very sad to see civic offices destroyed in Issan.

  16. Where is the confirmation of 6 deaths (during a security incident), please?

    • Hi LEF,

      There are a lot of rumours going around at the moment. I have decided to stick with reporting on 2 deaths as that is the most clear information that I can get at this time.

  17. Thanks Andrew. ‘RS’ Radio, I’m told, are claiming 5, but was interested where Michael got his info. Mainstrean media seems more interested in the other areas and hardly mention Ubon, for some reason.

  18. Good morning Lef.

    My information came to me from the sister of one of my researchers, who is a nurse at the Sapphasit Public hospital in Ubon. She works in A&E and were called on during the storming and torching of Ciy Hall. She says 5 REDS died from gunshots fired by the army to try and stop the burning. Another died later in hospital from his gunshot wounds.

    Maybe it was only 5 but she says 6, which is more than 2.

    • I also heard 5 dead today from another good source so given the above information that you have given me also I think I will revise my estimate as well. Thanks LEF and Michael for your great info.

  19. Thanks Michael. Good morning!

    I’m not surprised BP and TN are not reporting this. Probably explains why the ‘Ubon incident’ has been pushed down the list.

  20. The A & E Ward had to prepare the bodies. Maybe autopsies were done to see if the bullets were army fired.

  21. A couple of comments to Bulldog above.

    1 Foreigners as second class citizens. I have never felt second class but on Wednesday I came close. On the way to Korat with my Thai colleague we popped into Pannom Rung Temple. Thais 20 baht, foreigners 100 baht. I showed the lady my Thai permanent residency book (I have been a P R for 6 years). No, she said, you have to have Thai ID! That was the first time I have been to such a place since I became a P R 6 years ago.

    2 Destroying the city hall offices has destroyed records. I was talking to a retired person this morning who said that he doesn’t know how his pension will be paid and all sorts of other stuff will be a headache. It is bad enough dealing with Thai bureaucracy in normal times.

    My son started a new job in February and the company wanted his army cadet records to show that he would not have be called up for 2 years military service. His record of 3 years cadet training came from the offices in city hall.

    Burning these offices has created tremendous difficulties for ordinary folk for many months to come.

  22. Has the Sunee re-opened?

  23. you know this is so funny. just says everything.

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