Reds’ anger fans city blaze

After uploading the previous photos I ventured back down to the Ubon Provicial Office (ศาลากลางจังหว้ดอุบลฯ) and was shocked with what I saw. There are still many hundreds of protesters around although more then half seem to have left.

Although it seems that the main building is not on fire the same can not be said for many of the surrounding structures. Vehicles within the compound are also on fire. I could not see any Police or Army in the immediate vicinity.

Still trying to confirm rumours about possible deaths.

2 responses to “Reds’ anger fans city blaze

  1. Oh, my…you ARE taking these photos yourself! You’re not concerned for your personal safety?

    I hope you’re being just a bit cautious…even if neither the Red Shirts nor the Government wishes you any harm, you don’t want to be caught in the “crossfire” if the situation turns ugly.

    I must say, these are some EXCELLENT photos, MeMock.

  2. charles martin

    thanks for the information on what is going on in Ubon…..i hate to see this happen..

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