Happy 3rd Birthday Marisah

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. Life is again very hectic as on Monday morning I had my sister and a friend plus my sisters two boys aged two and five come and visit for two weeks. We have been busy every day and for the last two days I have had all four kids as Rachel and friend headed over to Laos for a few days of business and to look around. It will be nice to have them home tonight as four kids sure is different to just two!

I thought I would quickly blog today about Marisah turning three years old two weeks ago. 12 months ago to the day we had moved into our current house which was a crazy day but we still managed to head out for ice cream. (Read about her 2nd birthday with part one and part two.)This year was a lot more relaxed as I was home with them all day but Seerung was at the shop so we picked her up when it closed and headed out once again for ice cream to celebrate!

The staff came and sung happy birthday and a few candles were found. As birthdays are not celebrated her she has never been to a birthday party so didn’t really understand much of it. All she cared about was her ice cream!

Cuddles at the ice cream shop

While waiting for Seerung to finish work we took some photos around home so here are a few of them.

A feeble attempt to blow up a balloon.

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  1. Happy B-day from grandpa -malcolm and Ciejay—– Be a sweet girl

  2. Happy Birthday Marisah, you certainly look one bright, beautiful, bonny kid. I hope you enjoyed your day and gave at least a little bit of your ice cream to your big sister.

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