Laos Hotel Room rules

Well since I last blogged six days ago my sister returned safely from Laos in time to look after my kids so that I could do my own 24 hour road trip to Savanakhet in Laos. We then all piled into the car and visited the village for a day and a half before returning last night.
Sister and co are busy trying to do everything before they leave on Sunday while I am staying home today looking after a sick daughter.
Ariya has been sick off an on for months now and every time it has revolved around tonsillitis. This last infection has by far been her worst so we went to the Dr for the sixth time and demanded a little more action. To cut a long story short once we have all the paperwork in order we are going to get them removed. Not something any of us are looking forward to but hopefully once it is all over she will get back to normal. She just isn’t her bubbly little self anymore and has also lost a lot of weight recently as eating always seems to hurt. Will keep you posted about this.

My sister brought back with her from Laos a copy of the hotel rules she found in her room. She asked me to blog about it as a few of them made her laugh, especially number 3!

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  1. Not sure how old Ariya is, but me and my daughter suffered from chronic tonsilitis until we had our wisdom teeth out in our 20’s. Not only can wisdom teeth moving upset the old tonsils, but any teeth. Of course when Isuggested this to my doctor, she looked at me like I was just a stupid mum…but, yep, tonsilitis, inflamed gums. Food for thought! Hope she get’s better soon.

  2. Hi Snap, thanks for your post and interesting information. She is only 4 years old but I will keep it in mind for sure.

  3. Article No 3 is excellent. All hotels in Thailand should have this rule. Laundry, water and electricity costs would be reduced, especially in those hotels which offer hourly rates!

  4. In hindsight, that information I gave you is absolutely useless, unless you would consider removing all of the poor girls teeth! Not!

    Gotta love some of those translations 🙂

  5. Memok hope Ariya is back to normal after they are removed. Rule 3 is the same rule I keep for my house. It is a rule that should be adopted in every house across the world

  6. Savanakhet is growing up. Must be all of the Visa run tourists. I hear they have a big casino now?

    • That hotel card was from a hotel in Pakse actually. I was in Savanakhet myself 8 days ago and had lunch at the Casino. A very sad place indeed.

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