World Cup in Ubon

Soccer (Football) is not really my type of game. I would much prefer to watch a game of Australian Rules Football or Rugby Union or settle in for a day at the cricket then watch a group of over paid actors kick a ball back and forth for a draw. Every four years however enough excitement is generated by the world cup to make me sit up and take notice. I may even watch a game or two. Compared to Australia the excitement in Thailand is much much greater. Everyone here talks about it, it is on the TV, the front page of the papers and due to the simple fact that I have a white face then I must be a man of great knowledge of the game and am constantly asked about my thoughts and predictions.

For the local readers of this blog may I offer a suggestion of a great place to watch a game or two. City Mall (Sunee Grand Hotel) has set up a big screen between the two buildings. Every evening they set up tables and chairs and fire up the BBQ’s. This has got to be the best valued food in Ubon right now as what they are doing is selling seafood at their supermarket prices and cooking it up free of charge! Yesterday was Seerungs birthday and when she discovered this seafood special decided she was happy to have her birthday dinner there. We ended up having a plate full of huge snails, some scallops (in their shells), a pork steak, and an entire squid and baby Barramundi (Deep Sea Bass) for just 280 baht ($10 AUD). There was a game in progress but I took no notice in who was playing as we were all too busy eating! I think we may be spending a lot more time down there over the net 4 weeks! Thank you world cup!!

Lets see how good you are by taking this poll. My pick is Spain.

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  1. Soccer is not my game either. I have no interest in this World cup whatsoever. I would rather watch grass grow.

    Until the Germany-Australia game there had been 630 minutes of soccer, with only 7 goals scored. The only excitement up until then had been the wet spaghetti wrists of Green, the English goalkeeper. So at least the 4-0 thrashing of Australia by Germany provided some excitement.

    My Aussie mate at work was in a foul mood. We were thrashed; we capitulated. I pointed out to him that soccer wasn’t a national sport in Australia like cricket, rugby league, swimming and tennis. Sam Stosur had got to the French Open final. Hewitt beat Federer in Germany, Australian rugby beat England even though their front row was crushed, but in cricket Australia lost the Ashes and the latest 20:20.

    It didn’t matter said my Aussie mate. We should have done better in soccer.

    Can’t win them all.

  2. I think Germany or Brazil will win

    I HATE soccer…..
    My Son LOVES it
    I cant understand how people can head butt a ball for fun
    I think what turned me off soccer many years ago was how the so called “fans” react when their team doesn’t win (Riots etc…)
    I dont know a sport that has had more riots and violence than Soccer world wide.

  3. I noticed that driving by last night. Might have to check it out.
    I used to love playing soccer as a kid, but I’ve only watched 3 entire soccer games in my life and watching USA vs England was #3. Normally it bores me to death, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the let down of a tie game. I don’t understand why they don’t just play until someone scores. Someone must conquer the other! Most of my excitement probably came from the fact that I was cheering for my home team, USA. I’d cheer for them in a knitting competition! I also have many friends who love to watch so in order to stay “in the know” a little bit, I feel compelled to at least watch the U.S.

    • A knitting competition? Now that would be interesting indeed. made for TV I reckon. The Americans wouldn’t have a chance against a few Aussie grandmothers that I know!!

  4. Here is one Aussie grandma who would be in it to win it!

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