A hospital stay in Ubon

My eldest daughter Ariya has been sick with tonsillitis off and on for about the last year. At first it was once every two or so months but lately it has been happening all the time. Sometimes she only has about a week between infections. I have lost count how many times she has had it but it would now be oven a dozen times. We are on first name basis with not only the Dr but also the secretary, the Dr’s Mum, the Dr’s daughter and the clinics cat.

About six weeks ago I decided enough is enough and asked the Dr about getting them taken out. She said it would be easy to organise and that the hospital does them all the time. This being Thailand (The land of photocopiers) it wasn’t quite as easy as that and of course a visit back to the village to visit the local health clinic and get your paperwork in order was necessary first. With that done, yesterday we went back to the Dr who said no problems check into the hospital by 9am this morning and they will operate the following morning (Thursday) so that is what we did.

‘Check in’ this morning consisted of seeing 12 separate people spread over 4 different floors in three different buildings. (Yes, I was that bored that I did count them all!) Three and a half hours later we were all done except that our room was not yet available. So we went to the Laithong hotel around the corner and pigged out on their lunch buffet and soaked up the air con before I dropped Seerung and Ariya back at the hospital. I am typing this at home as I brought Marisah back for an afternoon sleep. I will pack up the rest of what we will need and when she wakes up will return to the hospital.

Unfortunately Seerung has fallen sick today and she isn’t travelling to well. This evening I will send Seerung and Marisah home and I will stay over night tonight and for the next few nights with Ariya while she recovers.Hopefully I might be able to catch up on a few outstanding blogs while I am there!

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  1. I hope Ariya (and Seerung) are feeling much better soon and I’m sure (hope) the rest of the hospital stay will go much better than the booking in process.

    Remember to stock up on ice cream 😉

    • Oh yeah – she is looking forward to the ice cream for sure! Xrays and blood tests were done with out a single problem which I think had a lot to do with two full days of icecream eating being just around the corner!

  2. The cruel thing is (apparently, can’t speak from experience) that it’s really hard just to swallow ice cream 🙁 let’s hope not!

  3. Don Arthurson

    I was a kid with a lot of sore throats and ear aches, and had my tonsils removed when I was 4 and a half years old, so I can empathize with your daughter. Everything should be routine and I think you have made the right decision. BTW, my father was a heavy smoker and undoubtedly second hand smoke was a major causative factor, as well as too much swimming in ponds.
    We are definitely coming to Ubon for the Candle Festival, and hope your daughter will be fully recovered by that time! Look forward to meeting you all.

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for your comment. Sitting at the hospital now waiting for them to wheel her off to surgery. She is all ready to go and isn’t nervous at all – a little trooper! Great to hear that you are coming to check out the Ubon candle festival. I look forward to meeting you.

  4. I hope little Ariya makes a good recovery. I am not familar with the ice cream story. Just be so careful and only get a good brand of ice cream if you must. The local ice creams are full of germs. Trust me, I know about this having gone through the experience of giving local ice cream to my son.

    As you probably know. Ubon is not the healthiest of places to live, especially if one has allergies. There is so much dust in the air and pollen flying around from tamarind and other trees.

    So many people I know are falling sick-ranging from dengue fever, flu, fever and rash breakouts.

    All I can say, is eat well, eat healthy (plenty of clean, fresh vegetables and wholegrain rice), avoid any fried food, sea food in Ubon, and get in plenty of early morning exercise (5 am to 7 am).

    I hope that all goes well with Ariya and Seerung is back to full fitness soon.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your kind words for Ariya and Seerung. You sure are correct about Ubon and allergies. My hay fever has been at it’s worst since I moved here.

  5. All Black Supporters

    Thinking of you all and praying for you.

  6. Shi$, that means I can’t eat anything Michael, that is most of my diet all warned off….

    I do buy good ice cream though so maybe I will just live off of this.

    Thankfully I have no allergies like hay fever, I haven’t seen a lot of hay about Ubon and hope that you Andrew recover from this quickly. Maybe move to the city away from the hay is the best idea.

    Andrew I will see you at 5am in the park starting this Monday for an hours exercise, don’t be late.

  7. Andrew I waited in the park till 5.10am and then started without you, please be on time tomorrow. You have plenty of time for other ventures not so important, your health is much more important.

  8. Sorry mate, couldn’t find my other shoe so didn’t arrive until 5.11am. Must have just missed ya. Tomorrow, I promise!

  9. Bloody (Abo)… shit can’t say that anymore in these politically correct times. (Native Australians) Was it a thong?

    Never mind, bare foot is fine toughens you up. Tomorrow i will wait until 5.15am but not a second later.

    Best part of the day this is, no pollution or pollens, just clean air… we could stop for coffee, cake and an ice cream when we finish..

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