Ubon hospital recovery

It’s early on Friday night and all is well. Ariya is watching Tom and Jerry while eating Jelly and I am trying to catch up on some work. As per usual I am procrastinating and have decided to update the blog first as there are a lot of family, friends and blog readers who have made contact in various ways to ask how my little princess is going. For the people with a short attention span, she is doing great! For others who are interested, here is a blow by blow description!

Here she is with her bag packed waving good bye on her way to the hospital.

After the long check in process yesterday and getting settled into the room I ended up leaving Seerung and Ariya there and around 7 pm I took Marisah home. We decided to do this because as Seerung was sick as well thought it would be best that she rest at the hospital where if anything was wrong with Ariya she would have help. Home alone with Marisah was not the best option so I did that. By the time Marisah had been watered, fed and hosed down it was late and when I went to bed at 11 pm I found she was still awake! She said she missed Ariya which was why she couldn’t sleep (They sleep together) so not much sleep was had that night as the alarm was set for 4.30 am to make sure we were at the hospital so that I could help Seerung get Ariya ready for the operation.

We arrived just in time for the first lot of injections and instructions at 5.30 am sharp and by 8 am we were ready and waiting. At 9.30 she was wheeled to the operating area where we had to wait another 30 minutes. During this time Ariya was a little trooper. She got upset right at the start when they collected her from the room and I had to stop holding her hand for a few seconds while I got my shoes on but after that she was fine and even managed to crack a few jokes and play some games with her sister. You could tell however that she was nervous. Also during this time Seerung was really unwell and had to throw up in a rubbish bin en route to the operating room and then twice more while we were waiting.

Eventually they called us so I quickly changed into a suit and put on a hat which Ariya thought was hilarious then carried her into the operating theatre. There were six or seven people in the room and they were all a bit shocked when they saw a foreigner come in and they all wanted to know where Mum was. Ariya sat up in the bed and I talked to her while they administered the anaesthetic before she promptly fell backwards fast asleep into the waiting arms of a nurse. I then had to leave the room but was allowed to wait only a few metres from the room on a sofa with a Thai soap on TV for company. I would have given anything to share that anaesthetic with Ariya. Thai soaps are the pits!

25 minutes later and it was all done. People started leaving the room but told me to wait a few more minutes. I assumed that I was not able to see her until she was being wheeled to the recovery room. A sudden scream changed that and I was quickly summonsed to the room as Ariya had woken as they were transferring her to the trolly and was trying to do a kamikaze dive from it whilst 120 decibels of noise was emanating from her newly liberated throat.

I tried to console her but it was useless as she was still three quarters comatosed and was thrashing around like an out of balanced washing machine. By the time we reached the recovery room which was just around the corner she had managed to rip out her IV drip before passing back out again. She remained asleep for about another 15 minutes and when she woke we returned back to her room. Seerung had toughed it out and was still outside the theatre with Marisah waiting for us.

Back in the room Ariya tried some fluids before falling back to sleep. Seerung was a wreck and Marisah was feeling the effects of little sleep so we set up a mattress on the floor and within minutes all three of my girls were fitfully sleeping.

This lasted for about 5 minutes when 4 nurses barged in, turned on all the lights and at the top of their voices exclaimed “awwww look at them all sleeping!”

Three of the nurses were just there for a sticky beak and they soon left leaving the other one to put in the IV drip once again.

Ariya wasn’t to impressed about having her constant companion back again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping off and on and eating jelly while waiting for 6pm when Seerung and Marisah left to go and see her Doctor. She was diagnosed as having tonsillitis as well as some kind of bug. They then went home while I stayed the night with Ariya. Just before Seerung and Marisah left we had a great visit from friends of ours Tom and Darunee. Ariya put on her worst ‘I am sick’ face while us adults had a chat. Tom gave her a toy piglet from Winnie the Pooh which she ignored. As soon as they left Ariya was almost ready to burst. Burst with happiness and energy! She jumped off the sofa and wanted me to take the plastic covering off her new toy and talked flat out all about it. What a transformation!

Before Ariya had the operation she spoke with my Mum and Dad on Skype. They asked her ‘what was special that is happening today?” Her reply was simply “ice cream!”

Here she is eating Jelly but I have to mention that she also ate three full size strawberry cornettos!

That night Ariya slept quite well considering there was about five or six visits from the nursing staff for more medicine or checking her temperature. I wish I could say the same about my sleeping but it was almost non existent and by 6am this morning I was very tired! The morning went fast just playing games and watching TV while waiting for Seerung and Marisah to arrive. Before they did however we got a wonderful surprise when the door opened and two of Ariya’s Aunties and two cousins walked in! They had caught the bus that morning for the four hour trip to Ubon just to see her! They had wanted to come a few days ago but we told them not to worry as they were busy and they had only just finished visiting and helping us last week. This was obviously ignored and I was very happy that they had. Not only are they the best sister in laws that anyone could ask for but it also meant that I was able to go and pick Seerung and Marisah up and bring them back. They will stay until Sunday.The antibiotics that Seerung had started had worked quickly and she was felling much better. By the time we returned to the hospital more family had arrived (they were visiting a distant cousin in the same hospital) and a mini party had begun! In typical Thai style this of course involved sitting around a plate of some indescribable (apart from hot) local food.

When it was just the immediate family left I took advantage of them being here and took off back home from a much enjoyed afternoon siesta. It is now late and Ariya is asleep on the mattress at my feet and after posting this I will do some real (paying) work before attempting to catch a few more zzzzz on the very uncomfortable sofa. I will not even attempt the hospital bed because although it is a lot bigger it was built by a bricklayer and I think he laid about five layers!

Tomorrow we should be able to go home after the Dr has seen us mid morning. She mentioned to Seerung last night that they had also removed ‘something else’. When she was in there cutting out the tonsils she decided that this something else should come out as well. I am assuming that it is her adenoids that she is talking about and if this is the case then I will be very happy to hear that they have gone as well. It got me wondering though if this sort of thing happens ‘back home’. Do Doctors change their mind at the last second and remove extra bits or is this just another ‘special’ part of Thailand life?

Just as I was putting Ariya to bed tonight she told me that she wanted to go and have her tonsils out again! I ask her why and her reply was “so I can hold your hand again”

Awwwww. I love you Ariya.

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  1. It is good to hear she came through well and that she is recovering fast. I look forward to catching up when your life returns to normal again.

    Take it easy mate and hope you sleep well.

  2. That’s great news. I hope all returns to normal for you soon and Ariya and Seerung are 1oo%.

    “so I can hold your hand again”

    Out of the mouths of babes. You’ve gotta love em!

  3. I’ve never met you, and have rarely visited your business, but I have always found you very informative with your occasional comments on Thai Visa – unlike so much of the vitriolic stuff that appears.
    So, this is just to wish for a quick return to good health for your girls.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. In a day where I deleted some “vitriolic stuff” and listened to some absolute crap in my shop your comment made my day!

  5. Great to see Chris gets a nice reply…

    I forgot I am just fodder for the cows.

    Hard to believe ‘vitriolic stuff’ on Thai Visa, I didn’t know that these sort of cretins inhabited this website. I am a gargantuan moderator but never have to moderate anything.

    All is so usually dull and boring. The odd speling misteak is abut its.

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