World cup winner – Spain (I told you so!)

Did I watch it? No.
Do I really care? No
Did I watch any of the world cup? No
Am I being supercilious? Yes!

Just a quick blog to remind you all of my post from June 14 when I wrote “My pick is Spain”

Ahhh, I feel better now!

Blogs to come are about the funeral of Alex Bailie, Ariya home from hospital and the new golf course layout at Wing 21.

12 responses to “World cup winner – Spain (I told you so!)

  1. Well done.

    You can now call yourself Andrew the Octopus!

  2. Oh grow up, you are like the irritating child in the playground. And those words were uttered so many times by my mother after being hurt in some way, walking into the house in tears, with an open wound, black and bruised. Of course a, “are you alright.” And then a “serves you right.” And then the “I told you so” would be uttered.

    Andrew the “oracle” I am now calling you, from today on this is how you shall be addressed. Andrew the Oracle, please oh wise one, help me ……

    So I will start today,

    Andrew the Oracle, please oh wise one, help me. What are the Thai lottery numbers going to be this coming 16th, you have a few days to play with your balls, do you use a crystal ball? I am waiting in angst.

  3. Andrew the octopus? Hmmmm, not sure about that! Maybe I could have a guest spot along side Henry the octopus on the wiggles!

    As for you JB, didn’t your mother ever tell you that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Lotto number for the draw on the 16th is ’08’ – don’t say I didn’t warm you!

  4. My oracle says it is 844.

    Be in for a big win

  5. Do we have to guess three numbers? I thought two numbers was what they always gambled on. Well if it is three numbers then my pick is 108.

  6. Okay, Andrew the Oracle oh wise one I have just had a million Baht on this number and to Michael I had 10 Baht as you haven’t been proven yet, will wait and see until the 16th to see if you are as wise as the Oracle Andrew.

  7. 8 is the number of times Paul the octopus picked the winner and the two 4s add up to 8.

  8. That is true, but 4 minus 4 is also a big fat zero!

  9. Khemarat Kris

    I do indeed remember your blog something like “old overpaid farts/actors kicking a ball to each other”. Yes I do remember you touting Spain. Just a couple of questions though. Do you have 8 arms/legs, a big head and do you spend all day submersed in water. If so we really need to discuss the lotto, lottery, horse racing and casinos. Fancy someone grabbing that bloody occy and serving it up in a Spanish omelet, as the French would say “sacred bloody blue”.

    Seriously though, it sounds like things are all good after the operation. Heart rates should be coming down, smiles should re-appear and happiness should reign supreme.

    I did like the bit about visitors and the party. When I was in hospital with Dengue Fever I think most of the village took the trip to the big smoke to see me. I was so impressed. Then as you say they all sat on the floor, ate drank (softies of course) and partied. Un ber lievable.

  10. The only thing I like about football is when the announcer guy goes nuts on—GOALGOALGOALGOALGOALGOOAALL!!!
    Not my game but Great call, Andrew.
    ah… may I rub your great toe?? Just asking…

  11. I always did wonder what the lotto number was that month!

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