Dry times from more then 40 years ago

After yesterdays blog about the continuing drought affecting Ubon Ratchathani I received an email from Bob with two photos showing a very dry time more then 40 years ago.

Both these photos were taken in 1969. The first one shoes a dry river bed somewhere close to Ubon while the second photo is of the Mekong River at a very low level near Nakhon Phanom. Thanks Bob for allowing me to publish these. If anyone else has old photos of Ubon that you think others would be interested in then please email them to me.

*Edit* I asked Bob about the tiny truck in the photo and he just emailed me back a reply which said in part “I bought the Honda truck new in December 1968 for $1,200 US (or 24,000 baht at that time). It was powered by a 360cc motorcycle engine, held two people in the cab and could easily hold six more people in the bed. It was small.”

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  1. The dry river bed looks like on the road to Thakan.

    If the photos were taken in July-August, then indeed it would be serious, but if they were taken in Jan-March, then that would be just a very dry dry season.

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