New owner of Peppers in Ubon

Following my last blog announcing the sale of Peppers Bakery & Cafe in Ubon, I think it is only fitting that the next one introduces the new owner.

His name is John and he took over the business on August 1. John is a fellow Australian and actually comes from the same state as me and even did work in the same small town that I grew up and spent most of my working life in.

He has tried his hand at many different things through out his life and most recently that included ownership of a popular coffee shop in Bangkok. For three years he had control of Coffee Society which is a 24 hour, three story restaurant on Silom road right near Sala Daeng BTS. Through hard work and great ideas he transformed this place from a mediocre and struggling business into a bustling and very succesfull venture. He reluctantly sold to a persistant buyer which in hindsight was a perfect move as shortly afterwards the red shirts set up camp almost outside effectively shutting it down for some months.

After a few months of R & R he was told about Peppers being on the market from a cousin of his so he flew up from Bangkok to take a look. The rest they say is history.

John is an extremely friendly and trust worthy man, he is great to have a chat to about almost anything. As he gets involved in the local community I believe he will become a wealth of information on all things Ubon. With his experience and drive John will give Peppers the attention it needs and deserves and will take it to the next level.

If you are in the Ubon area please drop into Peppers soon to welcome John to Ubon Ratchathani.

Introducing John, the new owner of Peppers Bakery and Cafe in Ubon.

3 responses to “New owner of Peppers in Ubon

  1. Welcome John. I hope you have a long and enjoyable stay in Ubon.

  2. Who is going to keep writing the blog? I hope John can pitch in as I am interested in the menu at Peppers (I recommend the coffee and Eggs Benedict!) and any changes he might have in store.

    • Hi Don, the blog is a personal blog of mine that branched out in a few different ways over the last year or so. The blog may or may not continue after I leave Thailand – not really sure yet. If it does continue I will be sure to mention any Peppers news when John fills me in or if you like I can pass on your email address to John and he can keep you up to date direct to your inbox.

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