Ubon Ratchathani Book Fair

Shopping wise there isn’t too much that I miss here in Ubon but one major gripe is that there is no book shop in town that sells even a small selection of English books. Understandable really given where I chose to live but still a gripe of mine and many other local foreigners as well.

For the next nine days at least this problem has been solved with the Ubon Ratchathani Book Fair opening today. It is being held at Sunee (City Mall) up on the fourth floor and I stuck my head in today for a quick look around. The entire floor is packed solid with book stalls and many were doing a brisk trade. Some stalls had English books with one of them was actually the well renowned Asia Books company which had quite a good selection of Adult as well as kids books.

It is on for nine days so if books are your thing then get on down and check it out. The crowds today were almost unbearable so if you like to browse in relative peace then I would suggest you visit sometime between Monday and Friday.

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  1. That certainly sounds like a niche waiting to be filled in Ubon Ratchthani. Maybe the new owner of Peppers could exploit that niche by setting up a small book section of new and/or second-hand books if space permits.

    By the way, I did not comment on the two previous posts but good luck to you and your family in the move back to Oz and good luck to John the new owner. It is likely I will be making my first visit to Ubon in November so I will pop in to say hello and have a bite to eat.

  2. Adult books, as in Hustler, Playboy and such……

    I might take a look but I need plenty of pictures in books.

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