A dry Mekong and a 1960’s barber shop in Ubon Ratchathani

Another day, another great new email from Bob. I realise I could wait a few weeks and save all these photos and videos up and post them all at once but I am really enjoying the interaction between a few of the vets and some of the current locals so will keep them coming as often as Bob digs up another classic.

Over to Bob…..

I took this video of the Mekong River in early 1969 in Nakhon Phanom. From where I was standing, if I’d look to the north I could see the water was a little deep, but as I’d look to the south, the water was shallow or non existent.

I found the picture I took at the on-base barber shop and I’m including it. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the prices in the reflection in the mirror. You can also see the barbers were required to wear masks. I do remember seeing the barbers under the trees.

Ubon has changed so much since the 60s that I can’t remember where many things were located downtown.

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  1. The sign says “Haircut 30 cents, Shampoo & Tonic 35 cents, Shave 25 cents, Massage 25 cents, PAY CASH NO BAHT.” The massage was a scalp, neck and shoulder massage. I forget exactly how many minutes the massage lasted. Since the price for a massage was a little less than the price for a haircut, I’m thinking the massage lasted a little less than the time it took to get a haircut.

  2. I’ve really been enoying these posts about Ubon’s history, I really hope I make it out that way. Fantastic that Bob has kept all of these videos and pictures! By the way, I hear your area is due for flooding. I hope you get plenty of rain to bring relief from the drought, but no damage of course.

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