View from the Ubon hotel in 1968

Once again Bob has gone to the trouble to convert his old footage into the digital age and send these two great videos to me for your viewing pleasure!

About the first bit of footage Bob says “I took this video in 1968 from the 9th floor of the Ubon Hotel. I was facing south and you can catch a brief view of the Mun river. You can also see a house girl washing dishes and a samlow riding by the Lotus Restaurant. The Lotus Restaurant was air-conditioned and served delicious steak dinners for 30 baht ($1.50 USD).”

“I also took this video in 1968 from the 9th floor of the Ubon Hotel and I was facing north. Can you tell much change between 1968 and now?”

For anyone who has visited Ubon I think you would agree with me by saying the looking South, Ubon Ratchathani seems to have been stuck in some kind of time warp as noticing any changes is extremely difficult. Looking north however is a different story. The park, government compounds, temples etc have all undergone dramatic change. Thanks again Bob for giving us another brief look back in time.

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  1. I remember the tennis courts very well because whenever I stayed in the Rachathani hotel I could hear the balls being played. It was floodlit.
    Now, 42 years later, one can get steaks in many small restaurants for only 70-80 baht but they may not be delicious but at least the Singha beer is cold. However, some experts say that since the alcohol in Singha was lowered from 6% to 5% is doesn’t taste as good as in 1968.

  2. I think great post as well, It is healpfull for information. Thanks for kindly help.

  3. Another old video that somebody may be interested in:

  4. Andy, many thanks to you and Bob for making this material about the old Ubon available. It reminds me that although I visited Phana (60km north-ish of Ubon) first in 1970, I didn’t get to Ubon until 1982, though I had been several times to Phana by then. Even by 1982 Ubon had changed a lot already.

    Glad you are all enjoying your roadtrip. The apartment in Hua Hin looks good, and those were great pics at Khao Yai.

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