Thailand Road trip, Day 2

Monday, August 16, 2010.

An early start as we had a busy day planned with our friends. We met at their house which was just a few kilometres from the hotel and got ready to set off for a personalised tour of Khao Yai National Park. While we were getting organised the girls were having a wander around the yard and it would seem that Marisah either got bitten by something or touched something that she was very allergic to. As I put her in the car seat I noticed her arm had a rash. I then noticed her eyes starting to swell and as I discussed this with Seerung it continued to get worse until one eye was basically closed over and the other one wasn’t too far behind.

I remembered that we had some Phenergan in one of our bags which is a antihistamine so I gave her the maximum dose and then as we were 30 minutes from the closest hospital thought we should start heading in that direction. Half way there the medicine kicked in and before my very eyes the swelling went down in a matter of minutes so we turned around the restarted the day again!

Following our friends in their car allowed us to gain entrance at the local price as they sweet talked the boys on the gate for us. What followed was a really nice few hours travelling around the park. Beautiful mountains, waterfalls and wildlife was everywhere. The park is spotless and well run and so close to Bangkok (1.5 – 2 hours) it is well worth a visit.

We saw plenty of elephant number twos but unfortunately no sight of the animals they came from. Here are some photos of the local wildlife that we did find.

Here are some shots of the scenery.

We got up close at one of the waterfalls. Lucky that none of us can read English or Thai.

After a few hours we reluctantly left the park on the other side as we had a meeting set up near Nakon Nayok. My friend had organised a visit to the farm of a bloke who has become involved in the Agarwood industry in a very similar way to what I have in Laos. It was a really good visit and one that will be repeated before we fly back to Australia as a lot of good information was shared that will hopefully lead onto something else. He had a very neat looking distillation set up as well.

I reluctantly dragged myself away from a very interesting visit as we wanted to get into Bangkok before dark which we managed to achieve … just. As per usual in the traffic version of hell we did the first 97 kilometres in about one and a half hours and the last three kilometres in one hour!

Part three coming soon …..

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  1. Khao Yai National Park looks a good day trip, I love the photo of the monkey balancing on the tree stump.

    In the photo warning of the dangers of getting too near to the ‘Cli’ have the two f’s toppled over the edge.

  2. So glad you had the phenergan and that it did the trick so your day wasnt ruined.

  3. Oops – I forgot about that!

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