Thailand road trip, Day 9 and 10

The kids and I had a sleep in while Seerung and her friend were up early repacking. We had decided to leave a few bags at our friends place to save us lugging it all around Thailand so repacking was in order to make sure the stuff left in Bangkok are things that wont be needed until we are arrive in Australia.

The bags were heavy so Seerung accompanied the friend in a taxi back to her place then back to the apartment. In the mean time I had the kids up, fed, watered and raring to go to the beach.

The last time my kids had seen the beach was 18 months ago in NZ for my Mums 60th birthday. Like most kids they just loved it and I had been promising ever since that we would go to a beach here in Thailand. Finally I was able to keep my promise and the kids were besides themselves with excitement!

We left Bangkok by 11am arrived in Hua Hin at 2pm. We didn’t have a hotel booked so just decided to drive around a little to see what we could find for a night or two. We ended up at a little place about 100m from the beach and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the hotel. It was average at best so best that I don’t promote it anyway! Within 30 minutes of checking in the kids had their bathers on and were showing off their new beach buckets.

Then it was down a short track to the beach and time to build sandcastles.

After playing in the sand for ages they wanted to get wet. It is Jelly Fish season and after witnessing the pain my Mum went through on a beach just 30kms north of here a few years previous I wasn’t taking any chances. Letting them paddle and sit and play in the water with me standing guard was as deep as they got!

The kids were tired that night so it was room service in the hotel and then off to bed.

The next day we knew that we couldn’t stay in that hotel for much longer so we shortlisted a few places on the internet first and after breakfast went out to have a look. We drove around Khao Takiab first but didn’t see anything we liked so headed out of town about 8kms and at the base of a small mountain range found The Sea Ridge resort.

We instantly knew that this would be the place to chill out for the next 4 days. This is a privately run place and has only just opened. It is so new that we were the only customers for three of the four nights! Being brand new means that is is immaculate. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and lounge room. Huge balcony has access from the lounge and both bedrooms. all finished with good quality fittings and linen. All this for just 2,300 baht per night ($80 AUD). This price will go up once everything is up and running but hopefully not to much! The Gym and the Restaurant aren’t finished but they will be very soon. The pool was huge and perfect for the kids. We swam every day and the best thing was that it was a salt water pool. Much better then chlorine.

Here are some pics I took the next day after we moved in.

It was now early afternoon and not enough time to check out of the other hotel so we called them to book another night and then went out in search of lunch. Came across a bakery shop on the main drag and had a wonderful sandwich. It was so good to have some real bread and top quality fillings. Pity the coffee was so bad! Most of their bread had already sold for the day so we promised to come back in the morning and pick up a few loaves. By this time Marisah was really tired so I dropped Seerung and Ariya off at the shopping centre just up the road and then went back to the hotel so Marisah could have a sleep and I could catch up on some computer work.

The plan that evening was to go to the beach but it was raining so we just used the hotel pool instead. After dinner I discovered a cartoon channel on the TV and the kids were in heaven watching multiple Tom and Jerry cartoons!

My next blog will be about the 4 days spent at sea ridge resort and touring around Hua Hin before we headed further south.

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