Thailand road trip days 11 – 14

August 23rd – August 26th


The next morning after another average breakfast at the hotel we loaded up the car again for the short drive to The Sea Ridge Resort. On the way we stopped off at the German bakery again for three different types of bread and Tesco for some cheese and various slices of meat and salad to stuff inside. The stuff inside well and truly stuffed us inside! It was so nice to eat great bread again and we all had a fantastic lunch. After lunch settled the kids and I hit the swimming pool for most of the afternoon until Seerung decided that the nasty sun was low enough on the horizon for us to venture out to the beach. We decided just to follow our noses and head to the coast. After a few wrong turns we ended up at a lovely little place that we had to ourselves. I can’t remember what it was called as we decided to call it mermaid beach for obvious reasons!

The kids quickly discovered that the place was loaded with shells and they spent all their time collecting various shapes and colours.

It was dark before we left and instead of heading back to the hotel decided that some seafood needed to be had. A great restaurant down at Khao Takiab was found and we ate out fill before having a walk along the beach to finish what was a lovely day.


After breakfast at the hotel we headed back into Hua Hin to have a look around the town. About 500m from the hotel entrance Seerung suddenly yelled out ‘stop the car!’ She thought she had seen the man who had finished building our downstairs kitchen in the village just a few months ago. I reversed up and sure enough there he was! He was a long way from home helping to build a nearby resort. A quick hello and dinner was quickly organised for the following night.
We continued onto town and found out way to the railway station. It is a lovely little place and while we had a good look around I spared a thought for all the World War II Prisoners of war who passed through almost 70 years ago on their way to be forced labour on the Burmese railway project.

Here are the girls in front of the royal waiting room.

We then parked our car down near the jetty and had a walk around the streets of Hua Hin. Coffee was consumed before we then drove off to the shopping centre for some lunch in the air conditioning. We chose a restaurant which specialised in issan food but it was very disappointing. Thankfully the New Zealand ice cream shop next door well and truly made up for it! Back to the hotel for a swim which ended up being it for the day as a huge storm came in and ended any plans for a return to mermaid beach.


It was back into town again, this time to buy fresh seafood to be cooked on the BBQ that night at our friends place. We went down to where most of the boats come in every morning and picked up some very good looking squid, prawns and crabs. I then dropped Seerung off at a place called Jinning Beach Guest House. The owner there has become a friend over numerous years of staying there and she was excited to see us again. I took the kids off to an indoor playground that they had spotted yesterday and they had a blast running themselves ragged for the next hour. Lunch at sizzler then we picked Seerung up and dropped her off at the friends place so she could help get dinner ready. I took the kids back to the hotel for a swim and an early night under the watchful eye of a full moon.


Made the decision very early on not to go anywhere. The kids were tired so after a swim and lunch they both had a big sleep. Seerung and I rested also, in between reading, eating and watching TV. After the kids woke up we headed out for dinner at a restaurant that we had heard good things about called Terrace 90. Apart from the worst coffee just about ever it was a really good night with excellent food.

We could have stayed a lot longer but time was running out and we (well I did anyway) wanted to head further south to Krabi.

To be continued.

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  1. Andrew, Glad to see you are having a fair dinkum time. This is the most fantastic full moon photo I think I’ve ever seen!!! WOW! All my best.

  2. MeMock I spent a four night break in Hua Hin a couple of years back and really really enjoyed my time there. The beach is beautiful and the night market is a great place to eat and wander around amongst the many stalls. I also had a trip up Chopsticks Mountain to the temple at the top which has hundreds of monkeys patrolling the place.

    Your post has reminded me I must go back to Hua Hin again one day.

    I tried posting this comment about one week back but it didn’t take, fingers crossed this time.

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