Thailand road trip, Days 15 – 16

Friday August 27th – Saturday August 28th


With not much driving to be done today we hit the road nice and late at around 11am. Stopped in to say good bye to our friend down the road and then pointed the car south. 90 minutes later we were in Prachuab Khiri Khan.

We had stayed in this delightful fishing village about 3 years previously when Marisah was just a few months old. We dropped in to the place we used to stay as the owner and Seerung had become friends during our last visit but she was out for the day so before continuing on I thought I would take the girls to see some monkeys. In the centre of town is a small mountain which is infested with the cheeky sods and is always worth a visit to see the crazy antics that they get up to. Seerung hates then and stayed at a safe distance but the girls, while a little hesitant at first, soon started to enjoy it and fed them some food.

Back on the road and we decided that another two hours should do it which would mean a stop over in a town called Chumphon. We drove into this town around 4pm and found a basic but good enough hotel close to the middle of town. After checking in to the Chumphon Gardens Hotel we decided a walk around town was in order. This town seemed the same as most other large Thai towns with one noticeable and welcome difference. The footpaths (sidewalks) were actually able to be walked on! Just about every place I have visited in this country has the majority of their footpaths inaccessible to foot traffic. The shops that adjoin the footpath have simply extended right out onto the edge of the road. Some places will lease the footpath out the front of their shop to other small business owners who will set up a small food outlet or clothing store etc. I am not exaggerating when I say that on average 75% of walking around Thailand is actually done out on the road dodging traffic which is not all that much fun when you have two kids holding your hands.
The town of Chumphon has obviously enforced a law where footpaths have once again become footpaths and not commercial floor space! Now, why can’t other areas of Thailand do this as well? Although there wasn’t much to really do or see in town it was a delight just walking around without getting run over. We walked and walked, had some dinner and then walked some more. Back to the hotel for a shower and bed and we all slept very well.


We were a little more disciplined this morning then the previous one and woke the kids up at 8am and were on the road a little after 8.30 am. We grabbed some breakfast and headed further south. We travelled past Surat Thani and then turned south west for Krabi.
Krabi had been on my radar ever since a friend of mine invited us down to visit him a few months previously. I emailed him a few days back and said that we were on our way but unfortunately he was up the Amazon river in Brazil on business and wouldn’t be back in time. Not to worry he said, he would make sure our accommodation was prepared and we would just have to enjoy ourselves without him. Although tempted to change our minds, none of us had ever been further south then Prachuab Khiri Khan and I (not Seerung) was keen to explore some places I had only ever read about.

The further south we got the more interesting the scenery became. Seerung took this photo as we were driving into Ao Luek.

Ao Leuk is about a 30 minute drive west from Krabi town and where my friends home and business is located. A quick phone call to his secretary aka superwoman and we had found the place, and what a beautiful place it was! Unloaded the car and straight into the swimming pool with the kids.

John lives in what I guess could be called a business compound. It has a few houses as well as guest accommodation, a club house, swimming pool, golf course and tennis courts all set amongst spectacular scenery. After our swim we drove into town to buy some supplies then back for dinner and bed.

To be continued.

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  1. I can vouch for the monkeys in Thailand being a bit of a concern. On Koh Poda they rifled through people’s bags on the beach and were quite agressive. Cheeky sods. I understand why Seerung kept her distance.

  2. I used to live in the South if you’re still there and need some ideas of things to do or places to stay.

  3. Thanks ubonrthai, maybe next time as we are actually now back in Australia! As soon as I get a good internet connection I hope to finish this travel series as I have got a few other excellent photos that I want to share.

  4. Good to see the girls feeding their old man…… Talk about good mates you have…. hope you didn’t dig the golf course up.

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