Thailand road trip, Day 24 – 27

Saturday September 4th – Tuesday September 7th.


Pain or no pain I wasn’t going to spend our last day on the coast feeling sorry for myself in the hotel room so after breakfast we made the short drive to Ao Manao.

Ao Manao is the next bay south of town and you access it through the airforce base. In fact you have to drive across the runway to get there! It is another beautiful little bay that is very kid friendly. I took the kids for a walk out to a sandbar looking for shells while Seerung set up camp and ordered food.

At this place like so many other beaches around Thailand you can be waited on hand and foot if you so desire. Just grab one of the many beach chairs on offer and someone will come along with a menu. Place your order and they will jump on their motorbike and be back soon after with your food and drinks. We usually avoid ordering food like this as inevitably the food is disappointing. Not this time! The food that came back was actually very good and every dish was priced under 100 baht ($3.50 AUD)

It really was the perfect way to end the relaxing part of our holiday. Ever Ariya managed to unwind…… well sort of!

After the beach we visited a shell shop to get a few gifts for the cousins back in the village before going for a drive in the afternoon. We followed the coast roads as far north as we could coming across some more beautiful beaches and bays. Checked out a few blocks of land for sale while we were at it and were flabbergasted at some of the prices that were being asked! The sun sets quickly in the tropics and before we knew it, it was getting dark. We had dinner close to the hotel on the board walk again before hitting the sack early.

This sort of ends the holiday part report of our trip but for my own diary purposes and to complete the full circle I will briefly report on the next few days.


We surprised ourselves by getting on the road by 9am which is reasonable early for us. We headed north to Bangkok before taking the ring road around the outskirts of the city before continuing north on another road to Ayutthaya. It was our first time here and we had plenty of time to look at all the ancient ruins as we drove passed them in first gear! The traffic was horrendous and our last 20 kms took almost two hours to negotiate.
We found our hotel, showered, went out to eat and then all fell into bed.


I was up early and not at all happy as my ear was still showing no improvement. I left the girls sleeping and made tracks for Nakon Nayok again. After picking up my business partner in the town itself we both went back to the farm I had previously visited 4 weeks ago. It was a productive time and it was around 3pm that we left for Saraburi so that I could drop him off at the bus station so he could begin his long trip home. I took a different and more scenic route back to Ayutthaya and arrived back at the hotel around 6pm to find the girls in great spirits and happy to see Dad again.


Just over 12 hours later I was back on the same road headed back to Saraburi although this time the car was full with luggage and family. It was our final day on the road and by the end of it we hoped to be back in the Village. The day was really uneventful apart from being stopped by the police twice. Lunch was on the side of the road and consisted of the local staple, sticky rice, grilled chicken and spicy spicy som tam (green papaya salad). We made good time and got home just as the last bits of sunlight reflected off the tops of the late rice crops. The in laws were happy to see us and my two kids were just as excited to see them. It was good to be ‘home’.

So that wraps up what was a fantastic four weeks. I have more then likely bored you all to death but as this is my own diary – tough bickies!! 🙂

It was great to travel places that none of us have ever seen. God looked after us and kept us safe on the roads. We saw great beaches and ate some amazing and not so amazing food. Apart from some sickness it really was a great way to unwind after selling Peppers and all the work that went into that.

Here is a map showing where we went and the places that we stayed. As you see we barely scratched the surface of all that Thailand has to offer even though we clocked up a 4,100 kms on this trip. This just means that there will have to be a few more road trips to come to discover it all. Please click on the map for a larger version.

With 12 days to go before we return to Australia there were a lot of things on the ‘to do’ list but I will save this for another entry. Thanks for joining with us on our Thailand road trip.

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  1. Loved every word of it and now the map helps too well done and we will miss you when you go.

  2. Wow! You went pretty far south. Did you notice any signs of “unrest” along the way?

  3. Hi Bob, we wern’t expecting to see any unrest down south as the only way to convince my wife to come with me was to assure her that we would not venture into the three most southern provinces where the majority of the trouble seems to be located.

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