Handicap parking – Thai style.

Seeing any type of handicap parking in Thailand is unusual so when I saw one in a roadhouse on highway 24 I was quite surprised.

My amazement soon turn to mirth when I noticed where the ramp for the wheel chair was located. As I went to get my camera two vehicles almost simultaneously come in and parked either side of the handicap bay. That they obeyed the rules and did not park in the actual handicap space was a rare phenomenon but it did help me to explain with the use of this photograph the stupidity of the design.

3 responses to “Handicap parking – Thai style.

  1. Perhaps they have to back the handicap vehicle in and there’s an exit at the back. Otherwise, yes, it’s pretty silly.

  2. I was wondering if that is not a parking space but just a reminder to not park in front of the ramp or block the ramp. The space would only have to be wide enough to allow a wheelchair access to the ramp.

  3. I’ll go with Bob’s answer, it makes sense which probably means it’s wrong.

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