Back to Thailand and Ubon (for a short while)

Well it has been a nice break from blogging and a lot has happened since my last entry which I will get to writing about over time.
We are still in Kununurra, far north Western Australia and it looks like we will be hanging around for a year or maybe two. We have definitely decided that baby number three will be born here just like the previous two. There is a great hospital in Kununurra with fantastic staff and Seerung is more then happy to have the baby here.

A house for us is being organised as well but that won’t be available for a few months at least so we decided that we might pop back to Thailand while we wait! I figured that if I am going to be back in Thailand and in particular around the Ubon area then I might as well bring this blog back to life. Again it will be written as a diary for my own records to look back over time but as there are a lot of people that now read my ramblings I know that there is a real need for local Ubon news included places to visit, eat and drink.

When we opened Peppers Bakery I stopped doing restaurant reviews because I knew immediately that if I ever wrote something even remotely negative that people would accuse me of being biased. Apart from day to day life of our extended holiday I am really looking forward to travelling and eating my way through Ubon (again) and blogging with photos about my experiences.

We leave this Sunday at sun rise and drive the 8 hours to Darwin with hopefully enough time to store our car at a friends place and get to the airport for the flight to Bali. We over night there before flying onto Bangkok and then Ubon Ratchathani the next day. Within a few days I will be heading solo to Laos for work, so am not sure when I will have internet access and will start blogging about the trip. At this stage I am not sure how long I will be there for either – around 7 – 10 days is my guess. Then it will be back to Ubon and then onto the village. We plan to spend between six and eight weeks in and around Ubon.

My girls are really looking forward to it. Seerung because of the food and the kids because they really miss the village and their cousins. I am really looking forward to the work in Laos and to see how my tree project is going over there as well of course as the food, catching up with friends and some cooler weather! Roll on Sunday.

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  1. I just knew you couldn’t leave us for very long (LOS) , will be good to read and catch up with the life and times of Memock and family take care and tell the family hello for Ciejay and Me. Malcolm

    • Hi Malcolm (and Ciejay) I hope what I post is worth reading. It should be a lot more relaxed and I am sure a little controversial as I no longer have to worry about my business and any possible ramifications!

  2. Blog on, mate!

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