Calling all Vietnam Veterans who served in Ubon Ratchathani

Quite a few of my readers are Vietnam Vetrans who served in Ubon Ratchathani at some stage during the war. Some of them have supplied me with old photos and videos which has been wonderful to see and share.

I just received this email from a vet who now lives in Ubon and I thought I should share it and encourage others to pass it around.

My name is Ern Marshall and I run the web site listed below. I‚m on a sort of a mission. I’m trying to save all the slides that are slowly decaying in drawers and cases owned by Vietnam Veterans.

This is my proposal, you send me your slides, pictures or even your own story, whatever and I’ll put them on CD for you. This will be done at no cost to yourself.

All I ask is your permission to put them up on the web page for everybody to share.

You can see what I’m doing at the URL below

So far I have collected over 12,000 slides that otherwise would have been lost. Slides WILL decay after a period of time, become useless, and part of our history is gone forever.

Also there are many, many stories left untold. I have collected hundreds of stories from Diggers and they are so different from the „official version‰, these stories are important these are the real stories from the Diggers who where there!

Wouldn’t it be great for you grandkids to see your story on the Web?

I would put these stories on the web site so that everybody can share them.

The Web Site is archived every year by the National Library of Canberra. This means that nothing will be lost no matter what happens.

I hope that you will take part and also tell you mates of the free service I am providing.

Just email me and we can work out the details


44 responses to “Calling all Vietnam Veterans who served in Ubon Ratchathani

  1. Wow! What a memorial. 1969, UBON RTAFB, USAF.

  2. Stanley R. Hunter

    Stanley R. Hunter- Ssgt-435tfw (Crew Chief F-4 Phantoms) UBON RTAFB 70/71
    I would like to say “thank you” to all veterans for your service to our great country.
    It was a pleasure to have served with such “Brave and Dedicated American Freedom Fighters”.

  3. Just happened to find your web page I was @ Ubon 1/70-1/71 in the USAF weapons loader have put all my picture on a disc if you are interested in them send me an email and I will send a copy to you pictures of the flightline and down town Ubon

  4. Chuck Steinbrenner

    Came to Ubon in 65 with 408MMS/8th TFW, trans to 497th left in june 66, came back to 497th in June67 till sept68. fond memories. Got a bunch of pics, just have to transfer to disks.Was a weapons load crew chief and always had my camera.

  5. Since my earlier reply I found the FB page – Ubon Vets- a closed group page for Ubon vets. Another source for you perhaps.
    Thank you ‘Memock’.

  6. send me your name and I can invite you, and any other Australian Ubon Vets to join the closed site of Ubon vets. I’m on facebook and there are about 80 members of the closed site. I’m an Aussie. If you were at Ubon RAAF my bro-in-law was Denis Hardy. I know, lots of other blokes there as well so you may not know him. I lived in the USA and the bloke who runs the site is a good mate of mine from my days in the USA
    The Americans have a lot of happy memories of the Aussies who were there. Great stories, plenty of photos…so get in touch

  7. Edward F. Roberts

    Served at Ubon RTAFB as part of Operation Top Dog 50. 120 days TDY from McConnel AFB Kansas. Served with 12 Security Police Sq. Remember the Hula A Frame, Indian Joe’s Bar, Nit Noi Club. Fond Memories most of them X-Rated. 🙂

  8. Robert Williams

    I was stationed at Ubon fron 1971 to 1992 and assigned to the 8th Security Police Se

  9. Dwain Wilkerson

    Served at Ubon July ’69-July’70 8th Avionics Maint. Squad.
    ECM Repairman

  10. I was stationed at Ubon, 8th FMS AGE, 69-70; 72-74.

  11. Jerry A. Parnell

    Jerry A. Parnell Jerry A. Parnell / Ubon 8th FMS

    AGE , 68-69/ 69-70/ 70-71/ 71-72

  12. Jerry A. Parnell

    jerry A. Parnell/ Ubon Thailand 8th FMS AGE 68,69,70 71, 72 , 73. Would be glad to hear from anyone in that time frame!!!

    72 73

  13. Hi Jerry
    I don’t know if you remember me or not but I was stationed at Ubon from Jan 69-Jan 70, and 72-74 in AGE. I remember your name but can’t put a face to it. I’m sure we worked together in AGE at Ubon.

    What are you doing these days? I retired from the AF after 27 years as a chief. What a surprise. I would not have ever guessed it all those years ago.

    Don Trawick

  14. I was the Phantom Flyer photographer 70-71. Randy Kersey. Hello to all and will send photos to anyone who asks.

  15. I am Duke Lockhart and I worked in POL and refueled every thing that iflew in Sourheast Asia in 1969 except the B52. Hated the Army’s OV-1.
    Rented a bungalow from Thai policeman Suthep Pechadung and enjoyed Ubon and it’s people.
    Had strong feelings for waitress named Sut who worked at the Corsair club at Ubon but she would not date me because she did not want to be considered “Number 10” by the locals. She did go out to eat with me on my last day at Ubon and I bought her a sweater. She did let me kiss her goodbye and she and I cried. Sad moment.
    Tried to get back to Ubon but the Air Force wanted to send me to Korea instead. I said “No”.
    Would like to go back to see how it is today.
    If anyone would like to communicate with me my email address is:
    Nice being able to talk about Ubon.

  16. Hi, My name is Clayton Brass and served as an engine mechanic for the 8th. TFW, Ubon RTAFB from the summer of 71-72. I had the most enjoyable time in my life. I went back to Thailand to Utapao RTAFB from 73-74. Could not get back to Ubon. But I did enjoy my two years in S.E.A. Some of the best times and years of my life. So much so that I married a Thai woman from Utapao and have been married for 40 years now. I have a retired U.S.A.F. friend who lives in Ubon. We’ve been to visit them and oh, how Thailand has changed. Keep up the good work Ubon vets. Hope to hear from anyone who’s been there, Clayton Brass.

  17. Greetings, My name is William Basler and I served as US Customs Inspector with 8th Transportation Squadron Oct 72-Sept 73. I worked daily with the Thai people and had the pleasure of meeting many, many personnel from all squadrons. I still think about Ubon every now and then and think it was one of the best times in my USAF career.

  18. John Harris
    I was at ubon jan71-jan72.I was a phantom autopilot specialist. would like to see some photos

  19. I was a crew chief in the 13th Bomb Squadron (B-57G’s) at Ubon in 71-72. Ken Watterson, from Mitchell, IN now Granger, IN

    • James C.Spears(AKA)JC

      Kenny ,I was there in March 1971 until May 1972 .I saw your plain taxing out all the time .I worked the F-4 Flight line for a while, then went into the F-4 Phase Dock .Trying to see Sgt Hill or Admin SSgt Dancin

  20. Kenny Watterson The 13th Bomb Squadron deactivated in April of 72 and I was on the team that helped ferry the B-57G’s back to the states. After turning them over to the ANG at Forbes AFB KS, my orders were for me to return to Thailand, but this time to the 388th TFW at Korat, where I became a member of the 469th TFS with F-4E’s. Finished my SEA tour in Sept. 1972 and returned to Williams AFB, AZ where I was discharged in Sept. 1973.

  21. jeff williams

    jeff williams, i was a electronics teck. on the ac130 2-1973- 2-1974

    looking for my friend curtis brooks of piedmont,alabama

  22. Served June ’68 to June ’69….435th TFS.

  23. James C. Spears Ubon March 1971-May 1972 does anyone remember the Can-Can Club.I work the F-4 Phase docks .Worked for Tsgt Pienda.Does anyone remember Admin SSgt Dancin.He was about 5ft 2in tall and talked real fast.I would Love to hear from anyone .They called JC or Jessie or Peddey-Wedd stroung.

  24. I am Dale D. Connell USAF Ret, I served at the 8TH Civil Engineering SQ there at Ubon / Material Control. If there is anyone out there of a Msgt Woodrum, of whom also there from 01/1970 to 01/1971. Also a Major Hocking who worked in the planning section of Civil Engineering. If anyone may knows of their whereabouts, it is critical that I be contacted right away due to medical complications. Also Chaplain’s Capt. Wallace Pearson, Kenneth Ramsey. Y may be contacted by email or Phone (518)521-4719

  25. I served at Ubon dec: 1972 dec:1973 would like to know if anybody has a photo of the last bombing mission out of Ubon in 1973. The crew I was on loaded the last bomb and we had our picture taken by stars and stripes. I have never seen a copy.

  26. Joe Arthur Ramos

    Joe Ramos
    I served in Ubon from Dec 1967-Dec 1968 as a fuel systems mechanic on F4-C . Sure would like to contact old friends like Claude Jefferson, MacPhearson, and Von B. Had great base commander Robin Olds and Chappy James.

  27. 69, I was in Genteel Security Control during the attack, deploying troops to stop. The advance, and that is what they did. One K9 handler wonded all insurgent elimated. 8th SPS on top!

  28. Worked at the fare end 130s 1971 to 1972 had a great time there anyone remember the sappers that got on the base ?

  29. Abel Morales. AFSC43151C. Buck Sergeant. “Chock Kicker” 1972/73. Chicano Bungalow! Anyone remember?

  30. George Barron Martinez.

  31. Tom Broers at Ubon July 1967 to July 1968 Weapons mechanic 435th TFS tail number FO

  32. I was a Table Nav on John Johnson’s crew from Dec’71 til Jun’72. I think of it as the Dark Time. They pulled our crew out in Jun and sent us to Clark to check out in B model C-130s. We then returned to NKP in TDY status to fly the shuttle and Antenna Relay for Task Force Alpha. We did that till Sept’72 when the Clark Squadron disbanded. We were only too happy to ferry one of their birds home on the condition that we didn’t have to come back.

  33. Im looking for anyone who knew my father. Denny vaugn allen.

  34. I’M looking to correspond with anyone that was in the 479th in 1965, I was in the instrument shop. I left in Dec 65 and was discharged in Feb 66. Great Memories of those days Ray Geminski

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