Casa Padma Hotel & Suites, Denpasar, Bali

Hotel review of the Casa Padma Hotel & Suites, Denpasar, Bali.

We were just overnighting enroute to Bangkok from Darwin. I had a 5 year old and a 3 year old in tow so needed somewhere half decent to bed down for the night.

We booked the deluxe suite with rate @ US$95.00 at the recommendation of a friend.

As we were not staying 3 nights we had to pay 60,000 rupiah ($7) each way for a taxi which they organised.

The room was very large which was great and the beds and bathrooms were pretty good. A lot of small things where missing though. Information about their internet and telephone was non existent. There was no mini bar price list or clock in the room. The room service was very quick but the food very average.
The included breakfast was actually quite good along with very good service.
When I went to pay the bill I found it strange that they did not have enough change (approx $20) for me so I ended up having to pay by credit card.
It is a very quick walk to the beach with good footpaths most of the way but what a shame that the beach was so dirty.

This place did the job as a stop over but doubt we will be back for a holiday.

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  1. Good coverage mate ~ thanks. The room is ‘spartan’ but it looks quiet and a good place to get some shut-eye. Strange with the no cash? Hmmm. Anyways. Maybe the reason the beach was ‘dirty’ is the time of the year? Bit of a ‘blow’ the night before? I have not yet been to Bali but would like to check it out sometime. Air Asia have some pretty good flight bargains on at the moment. Cheers mate. Would liked to have put an ‘Like’ on but forgot my username? Drats.

    • Air Asia sure do deliver price wise that’s for sure. I think it cost us about 2,000 baht each for Bali to Bangkok. As for the beach, I have no idea – more then likely it was early and so hadn’t been cleaned up from the day before. More then likely what the beach at Phuket looks like at 7am as well!

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