Bali to Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani

The following morning I woke early, left the girls sleeping and took a walk down to the beach. I was surprised at the amount of foreigners that were exercising and even more surprised by the amount of rubbish. It was quite disgusting.

I got back to the hotel by about 8am and woke everyone up before packing and heading down stairs for the included breakfast. By 9am we were back in a taxi and off to the airport.

Before booking my flight tickets I did a quick google search on Bali and found that Thai passport holders can enter Indonesia for free while Australians need to pay $25. As my kids have dual passports I decided to chose Bali over Singapore as our stopover as the girls have never been there before. I was therefore quite surprised and annoyed that I hadn’t researched more thoroughly as we soon discovered that there is a $20 departure tax on all passengers!
We made our flight with plenty of time just $80 lighter! For a 12 hour stop over if the flight tickets are the same price I think we might chose Singapore in future.

As we were flying Air Asia on this leg we were expecting a hassle because of Seerung being pregnant.

Six years ago when Seerung was two months pregnant with Ariya and not showing at all we took a flight with Air Asia from Bangkok to Hong Kong. I can only assume that they must have seen me rubbing her belly because there was no other way of them knowing that she was pregnant. They approached us and asked if she was expecting and when we confirmed the fact they rushed off to get a pile of indemnity papers for us to sign. This happened at the gate and then later when we were seated on the plane was approached again by a different person with another form that we had failed to sign correctly.

This time with Seerung being five months and showing significantly we were expecting a repeat signing performance. What I did not expect was my darling wife’s response. Just as they called us to board we were approached by a young man who asked the are you pregnant question. She looked him square in the eye and said “No! I’m not pregnant I am just fat”

I never knew that Asian people could blush because he sure did as he apologetically backed away. I just wish someone was filming the conversation. It was pure gold.

The flight was only four hours and once again went well and we arrived in Bangkok at 3pm. We then had plenty of time to clear immigration and check in for our final flight to Ubon Ratchathani which was departing at 6.30pm.

I had been reading recent reports of horrendously long immigration cues at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok and got to see them first hand for myself. The place was packed and I was so glad that given my girls all have Thai passports we are allowed to join the Thai National line which in this instance had only one other person in it.

We arrived on time into Ubon and took the Sunee Grand Hotel shuttle bus to our room where we didn’t hang around long as we hot footed it straight downstairs to one of our favourite restaurants, Fuji where we proceeded to make pigs of ourselves before all collapsing into bed.

Here is a poor quality photo (taken on my phone) of Ariya about to devour a piece of salmon sushi.

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  1. That is hilarious!! It will keep me laughing for the rest of the day!

  2. Congratulation on your new member of the family. Marisah (as usual) is very pretty.


  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for your travel diary, it is quite ‘incredible’ the ‘hidden fees’ and other ‘anomalies’ of travel – at least in the Pacific Rim lol Applause for Seerung for her ‘Oz humour’! Wish you coulda got that on video hahaha

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