Douang Deuane Hotel, Vientiane, Laos

I have stayed at four other places in Vientiane for similar prices and so far this has been slightly better then the others. I am sure there are a few gems out there, just that I haven’t found them yet! If anyone else has some good tips please let me know otherwise I think I will end up staying here from now on.

The hotel location is excellent. Only a stones throw from the road that runs parallel to the Mekong River and a quick walk to the fountain means you are surrounded by a massive amount of restaurants, cafes and night spots. Not being on that main drag means for the most part it is fairly quiet. Occasionally you did get a good show on the streets below between two backpackers stumbling back to their guest house having a full blown drunken argument over who lost the hotel key.

Rooms are 150,000 kip ($18) for a single and 200,000 kip ($25) for a double. They have this listed on a sign in the window which I am beginning to think is a bit of a ruse to get people in the door as both times I have stayed here the hotel has been quite empty yet they tell me that the single rooms are full. The guests I notice at breakfast never seem to be single either!

I mentioned in yesterday blog that the rooms come with wifi but because I was at the very end of the corridor meant my signal was useless so keep that in mind if you require a strong signal.

The rooms include breakfast which will fill a hole but that is about it. Your standard Asian fare of small pork sausages, soggy pieces of ham and cold fried eggs are available and usually one other dish of fried rice or noodles. Some fruit, cereal, toast, coffee and tea round out the offering.

Not sure of other rooms but my hot water was almost non existent but other then that the room was good. Bed reasonable, air con quiet and best of all the Australia network on the idiot box. Having a clean balcony broke the monotony a little allowing for some good people watching below.

They have a very small car park out the front available with security for those travelling with their own vehicle.

Here are some photos of the room.

Douang Deuane Hotel
Norkeokoummane Road
Ph (856-21) 222301-3

6 responses to “Douang Deuane Hotel, Vientiane, Laos

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  2. Two drunks arguing over who lost the room key, Was it an Kiwi and an American guy, one chubby and the other thin…. I might know them.

    The Aus network saved the day huh, Home and Away at 4pm or is it 4.30pm.

    • Ahhhh…. I thought I recognised you…. (the chubby one in case you were wondering)

      Yes the Aussie network has saved the day a few times in :aos. I am not the most sociable bloke when I am travelling by myself and prefer to go for a walk, have a quick meal and then retire to my room thankfully well after home and away has finished!

  3. You don’t watch Home and Away….. shameful…… A kiwi and an American I am neither……

  4. Internet is too slow there ! Maybe as everywhere in Lao ?

    • I think that may have something to do with where your room is located as well. At the ends of the corridors it can be very patchy but towards the middle it seems fine.

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