Vientiane, Laos to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

The meeting the next day was held at the Scandinavian Bakery at the fountain which always does a good breakfast. It went for a few hours but I got back in time to relax my way through packing up, having a shower and checking out.

Getting out of Laos was a breeze this time but there were big crowds on the Thai side so it was well after noon by the time I was stamped into Thailand and on my way.

I had no plans on which way to go and when to try and get home by so half way to Udon Thani I pulled over and looked for a map which as luck would have it was discovered in the back seat pocket.

The only thing I really wanted to do was travel a different way home from last year. With that in mind I thought I would bypass the large city of Udon Thani and cut through the back roads and head towards Sakon Nakhon. From there I continued south east to Mukdahan. It was a little after 5pm by the time I arrived and as I had a few things I needed to do in Ubon thought I would pull up stumps there instead of doing the extra two hours to Ubon.

I was suffering from hayfever this day so that plus the driving meant I was a bit of a wreck by the time I arrived. I thought about staying and eating at my friends Dons fabulous place but just wasn’t up to having company so jumped on trip advisor and found a highly recommend hotel near the river for 500 baht ($17). The GPS led me to the Submukda Grand Hotel with just enough time to spare to check in and take a walk down to the river, pick up some take away and return to my room. Now I am not sure what drugs these people were on that recommended this place so highly but I will talk about that in the upcoming hotel review.

Mekong river, downtown Mukdahan - late evening.

The next morning I was on the road early heading south for Ubon Ratchathani. My first stop was Peppers for a real coffee or two and to pick up some parcels that I had organised to be sent their previously. While there I ran into my friend Franco from Spagos restaurant so it was great to catch up with him and John for an hour or so.

From there I went to a stationary/craft store that is next door to the SK Mall to stock up on school supplies. Late last year I decided that I would home school my two kids so instead of bringing all my school gear from Australia over I figured it would be easier to buy it all here and set up a ‘class room’ in the village. For future trips this will make it real easy to continue their schooling no matter what country we are in.

The shop was great and I found most of what I wanted for between 1/5th to 1/10 of the price back in my home town in Australia. From there it was off to Tesco for a big food shop before finally heading out to the village.

The kids knew I was coming and were excitedly waiting for me and ran into my arms as soon as i got out of the car. There is no better feeling then that let me tell you.

It was also a good feeling seeing the work that Seerung had already started to organise on the house and garden and a relief to see that the furniture that we choose looked amazing and fitted perfectly. I am currently typing this blog sitting out on my balcony watching the sun rise and village life slip into gear for the day. Lots more village blogs to catch up since I have been back so check back soon!

3 responses to “Vientiane, Laos to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

  1. I thought you hung over the railing….. maybe the people caught the hotel on a good day 🙂
    I used to stay at the Kieng Piman in Mukdahan and first stayed their for 5 weeks in October 2005. Excellent service, very clean and the lady who owned (forgot her name as I am stupid) is very nice, youngish and a load of laughs. Had me drunk a few times her and her friends.
    I have always stayed there when in Mukdahan and you can read a good review here
    Another option for you next time when that may be.
    I can only imagine the differences in schools supplies, I always laugh when I go to Romson Thai (the name of that stationary shop or whatever it is) and but a book that you cannot imagine has been compiled and printed and sold at such prices.

    • Thanks a lot for the new hotel I need to check out. I never knew you lived in the Muk for a while. What made you choice Ubon?
      I went wild in that stationary store – loaded up two baskets – didn’t look at any prices, lots of little craft things as well as paper, glue, scissors, staplers, books etc etc and the total was 1,200 baht ($40)

  2. I am a man of mystery, my security number from Australia is 007007007.

    $40 hahaha I could only imagine what that would buy back home. Cannot get onto you as I have lost your number somehow, no idea how but somehow.

    Txt me your number so I can ring you about the weekend.

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