Siam Fish Spa, City Mall (Sunee Hotel), Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

When I lived in Ubon I walked past this place on the ground floor of the Sunee Hotel complex many times on my way to the Post Office located just a few shops further along.

I had seen similar places scattered around Ubon like this one but had never had the time to kick the shoes off and jump right in to check it out.

When we decided to stay at the Sunee hotel on this trip I made a point of telling my wife that I was going to give this fish spa thing a go!

This is what it looks like from the outside. To find it just head downstairs to the food court and instead of turning right for a feed turn left to become the feed!

Inside you will see three tanks that look like this one.

Walk inside and if all three tanks are available like they were when I visited ask which tank has the hungriest fish. This is the one you want!

You can chose either a 15, 30 or 60 minute session which costs 120 or 200 or 380 baht. They also offer foot or Back/neck and shoulder massage for 100 baht for 30 minutes of 200 baht for an hour. Thai traditional massage is 200 baht for an hour or 350 baht for two hours.

They will clean your feet before you place them inside the tank. Within seconds the fish attack hungrily and it is a very bizarre feeling indeed. Something between a tickle and a tick sucking your blood! I left with feeling of very clean feet but am not sure if there is any other benifit to it!

I was going to upload a photo I took of the fish gnawing on my ankles but could not believe how hairy my legs were so decided to show my youngest daughter Marisah braving the deep waters. Her older sister Ariya wasn’t going to have a bar of it!

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  1. She is so brave Marisah, just like the old man…. I am proud of you letting the fish attack you.

  2. Hmmm, velly kinky! But thanks mate, I am in BAD NEED of a foot massage UNDT I have had similar experiences as a child and when an aqualung diver (PADI) in WA where the cheeky little devils come up and nibble the old skin off your feet (even when you are not old!) lol It is invigorating and I shall partake! Excellent you kinky thing you! lol Sincerely, thanx! TC PS hope to see you before we/you go home to Oz. {we go before you…, well, maybe, if the visa gets to come through soon? As you know, one never really knows?!! lol God Bless The King, and Thailand lol}

  3. Oh my! Never heard of this. Sounds like an unique experience!!

  4. Thanks for this info. I saw a sign across from the Sunee a year ago about a fish spa. Later the sign was removed so I never found one. I was wanting to try it. I’m staying at the Sunee now and I think I’ll give this a try.

    • Hi Bob, I must have just missed you as we were staying there just two nights ago. Go and have a crack at it – it is worth the giggle and clean feet you will get!

  5. Hey Andy, I waited until shortly after the Plazza opened so the fish would be at their hungriest. I wasn’t disappointed; it was a unique experience. Sort of like having your feet go to sleep and then feel them tingling when the circulation returns. The girl who works there said she saw you, Seerung and the girls on Monday. Yes, I missed you a few times. I arrived at the Sunee on Feb 15 but I didn’t check any blogs for a few days. I figured I had missed you but I didn’t know you were returning. I went to a Thai Silk party in Warin on Sat 26th and I saw a guy who looked like the picture of Brunty from the Isaanstyle website. I was with some friends and the guy was with a girl talking to some other people so I didn’t intrude to find out if it was him. I wandered with my friends for a few minutes and returned to look for him but I couldn’t find him. Myself, a girl and her daughter went for lunch at Pepper’s on Sat 19th and I saw a guy who looked like the picture of John there. So, I’m making the rounds to the places you suggest.

    • Hi Bob,
      So glad you made it down to the basement and had a crack. On Monday we were actually next door getting haircuts but she is correct she did see us as we dropped in to say hello to the fish as well! I caught up with Brunty on the weekend as well and he didn’t mention anything about a silk party but given that Brunty would attend the opening of an envelope then it may have just been him!

  6. Someone tried that in Seattle, Washington,USA some yrs ago but the health
    dept. shut them down unless they autoclaved the fish between customers. Hard on the fish!! Swimming in lakes and rivers is okay but NOT skin nibbling fish!! Asinine. Can you drop a hook and line while you wait??

    • Oh dear! People sometimes wonder why I like Thailand so much – well one of the reasons is because there are not over paid idiots running around making up new rules like the one you just mentioned! As for the fishing while you wait ….. mmmmm why don’t you try it and see what their response is!

  7. A Thai silk party……. although up my alley I didn’t attend sadly as I had to escort a friend about Ubon that night who likes to drink.

    Another person who looks like me, I never knew there were two such handsome guys getting about the world, little only in Ubon.

    • The guy I saw looked like your picture from the Isaanstyle website but he wasn’t wearing glasses. Now for the weird part, the girl with the guy looked like the girl in the picture with you. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.

  8. See, it’s things like this that make me LOVE Thailand! So what exactly do they do? Eat the dead-skin etc?

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