Building work Thai style – a new roof

There were four main things we wanted to achieve around the house on this trip. In no particular order they were:

1) Furnish the house

2) Extend the roof line down stairs to protect the new kitchen.

3) Build a toilet down stairs.

4) Finish the garden. This includes a herb garden, pavement, new water tank(s) and also lawn.

Number one was done as soon as we arrived and I am really enjoying having some furniture to relax on now instead of sitting on the floor! We purchased a full size sofa, tv cabinet, four seat outside table setting, two massive cupboards, some extra seating with storage underneath and a book shelf.

Number two has just finished.

Number three is almost finished and I will bog blog about that soon.

Number four has started but has a long long way to go.

Anyway, back to number two – the roof extension. Just before we left last time the kitchen area downstairs had just been finished. We are very happy with it and to keep it looking good needed to put some kind of protection in place to keep the rain and the heat off it. We decided when we arrived that a full length lean to would be the best bet as this would also provide protection for the rest of the down stairs area from the torrential rain that happens during the many wet season storms which will be arriving in a few months time.

My trusty Brother in Law Somboon and his side kick were called in to do the job and once again I was quite happy with the end result.

Here is some of the first days action. I will post some more pics showing the finished product tomorrow.

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