No more free bottoms in Ubon

I am very sorry to inform you that there are now no free bottoms available at the Sunee Grand Hotel in Ubon Ratchathani. Free bottoms used to be available for every guest who stayed in their hotel. In fact, two free bottoms per room per day were on offer. The offer must have been too popular with guests as it would appear the promotion has now ended.

12 months ago I noticed this when visiting my parents in their hotel room.

I blogged about it here as I thought it was quite amusing at the time.

When we stayed there last week they had printed new complimentary water bottle tags much to my disapointment and they now look like this.

6 responses to “No more free bottoms in Ubon

  1. Rats! And I was looking forward to getting one someday as mine is getting worn. Oh well! Can’t have everything.
    Bottoms Up!

  2. Personally I was kinda hoping for a slightly smaller model to replace mine.

  3. Deeratz! I always hear about the free stuff when it’s no longer free! Like Rob I coulda used a’newie’! lol I really love reading the ‘funny’ signs and the ‘instructions’, especially for assembling furniture, I always get a laugh just before the exasperation sets in Hahaha! PS Can you keep your eye out for some more ‘free bottoms’ ~ just kiddin’.

  4. Yes, Andrew. There is that too!

  5. Nicking this Meemers..cheers Louis

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