Building work Thai style – a new toilet

A few blogs back I listed the four main jobs that we wanted to complete on this visit.

This blog is all about number three on that list which is being built so that number ones and twos can be done downstairs instead of people having to come upstairs all the time. A lot of tradesman and visitors are also to shy to come upstairs so will run home whenever nature is calling!

I decided that it would be a Thai style squat toilet as 99% of it’s users are going to be Thai. Any of my visiting friends and relatives can avoid the knee lock position if they wish by attending to affairs up stairs.

We used two locals who had done this kind of work a few times before and so far they have done a good job.

We wanted the toilet to be accessible to people without getting wet so that only really left two corners of the garden to put it in and therefore quickly chose the back corner which is as out of sight as can be on such a small block. Here is a photo of the corner just as work began.

The first day was spent relocating the water tank and existing pipes from around the site and working out the exact location and measurements. Bricks were ordered for the following day and while we were waiting for them the girls and I took the one hour drive to Det Udom with a shopping list for everything else.

A few hours later and our wallet was lighter 5584 baht ($185). In the back of the ute however we had a new door, three frosted glass bricks, one sink, one tap, one bum gun and of course a toilet. We also had all the pipe work as well as tiles for the inside and outside plus the water jar and a towel rail.

Once we had everything together the real work began.

Part two to follow soon.

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  3. Darn! I have 6 ‘frosted glass bricks’ you could have had for free. Twas s’posed to be part of our bungalow ~ none of the workers had seen these, let alone worked with these ~ so, they didn’t get put in (our hong nam ~ we were away for a coupla days; never have holidays when you are having something done… lol).

    • Haha. never a truer word spoken about building in Thailand Terry! I was lucky that my wife sat about 5 metres away from them at all times watching like a hawk!

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