Building work Thai style – a new toilet, part two

This entry follows on from part one

We are now onto day three which is all about bricklaying and rendering. The walls went up very quickly apart from a little mucking around getting the air flow bricks and the three glass bricks to sit perfectly. We chose the glass bricks to not only give the room a little natural light but to jazz up what otherwise would have been just a blank wall. It also matches the same side wall on the kitchen which has similar glass bricks.

Inside was starting to take shape as well. This dog belonged to one of the builders and must have decided it was the coolest place around.

Once the brick work was all done they set about rendering the walls. I was quite impressed with the finished result.

Day four blog is coming soon and will see the inside finished and tiling done outside.

4 responses to “Building work Thai style – a new toilet, part two

  1. Who is going to lay the first log? Will you have frogs in it?

    • I think that dog in the photo may have done the first one Brunty. No frogs, they all get caught and put in the pot before they even make it to the toilet.

  2. Your new loo is coming up very nicely. I’ve seen some marvelous rendering conceal…how should I say…very interesting looking blockwork. Yours looks like a very solid brick dunny though!

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