Building work Thai style – a new toilet, part three

Well I have discussed the future generation of Thailand and covered the issue of insensitivity (or not) of newspapers reporting natural disasters so now it is time to change tack a little and get onto some more serious subjects such as building a toilet.

Click here for part one and part two

With the rendering done it was time to finish the little touches inside as well as tiling where necessary.

Here is the outside with the tiling done around it.

Here is the ‘squatter’ and bum gun set up.

Here is the other end of the brick house.

It was a bit hard to get a photo showing the door so this is the best I could do.

So there you have it – how to build a Thai squat toilet in three easy blogs – haha! The only thing left to do now is paint it which the girls and I are going to attempt to do ourselves sometime in the next few days. The kids want to do it pink but I am not so sure about that!

*Edit* A comment just reminded me that I did not say how much everything cost so here it is now:

Door, glass bricks, sink, tap, bum gun, toilet, toilet stand, water jar, light, towel rail, plumbing connections, pipes and tiles was 5584 baht. ($185). 130 bricks @ 4.8 baht each = 624 baht ($21). 6 x 50 kg bags of cement @ 115 baht each = 690 baht ($23). Wages for 4 days for 2 people was 3,000 baht ($100). Total price = 9,898 baht or $329.

Two days ago I had to pay an invoice for a little work down on a property of mine in Australia. It was a 90 minute job to patch and paint two old air conditioner holes in a wall. Total price – $334.45 or the same as my toilet plus enough change for 6 large beers to say thanks for a job well done.

9 responses to “Building work Thai style – a new toilet, part three

  1. How much did the dunny cost

  2. Memock, Memock, Memock…a SQUAT toilet?????? I’m bitterly disappointed, lol! Just joshing, it looks great!

    • Haha! All jokes aside though, a squat toilet has got to be so much better for you then our lazy bone western style ones. Squatting is the way God intended!

  3. Perhaps if you’re male and only have to squat once (or twice) a day and you have good knees 😉 I do agree that they can be more hygenic though!

    • Yes the men sure do get it easier then the women when it comes to squat toilets! Even though it is healthier I still use my western style throne upstairs as I am lazy! As long as I have got a bum gun though I don;t really mind!

  4. Hey mate,toilet looks good,like the pictures of the garden as’s all looking good.enjoying the rest of your blogs too.catch ya!

    • Hey Arty – always great to here from you mate – thanks for stopping by and I hope that Melbourne life is working out as planned for you and your wonderful family.

  5. Hi MeMock,
    with my arthritis I would not be able to use a squat style toilet. When ever I’m out and about in Thailand I’m always worried that I have to make a run to the toilet and it turns out to be a squat. So far I’ve been lucky. But, I have to admit this is a very nice looking toilet.

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