Thailand petrol stations – village style

Every three days this fuel truck pulls up outside my house to replenish the small little shop across the road from me.

It has two tanks on board, one for Diesel and one for petrol. Seeing a large truck like this pull up every three days would make one assume that the shop is doing a roaring trade in keeping this village and the surrounding villages on the move.

An old business partner who reads this blog use to say ‘assumptions are the mother of all stuff ups” and in this case the saying is rather appropriate.

You see, they are not refilling an under ground tank, nor are they refilling a pile of 44 gallon drums. Nope the truck drive and his assistant are doing this.

Refilling about 40 one litre bottles of old soft drink ready for resale to the passing motorbikes and iron buffaloes. Life here is such a day to day affair that I have never ever seen anyone buy more then the solitary bottle to keep them moving for at least one more day.

3 responses to “Thailand petrol stations – village style

  1. Kind of sad, isn’t it! But on a brighter note, it’s good to see those plastic bottles being re-used 🙂

  2. This photo is outstanding! And how long does this process take?
    (1969) Three of us hired a taxi for a trip to Big Budhha. Stopped for gas and was directed to this side street where a bucket of gas was pumped from a barrel in this old warehouse and funneled into the cab. No one quit smoking and they didn’t clean the windscreen! I had never seen anything quite like that nor like the filling of these bottles. This must be his grandson. lol

    • Glad you liked it Rob, it gave me a chuckle for sure. Mind you just about everything around here gives me a chuckle from time to time! I reckon that the truck was down there for about 10 minutes.

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