Supermoon in Thailand

Tonight is the night of a supermoon.

A SuperMoon is a new or full moon which occurs when the Moon is 90% or greater of its closest approach to Earth. On this particular orbit it is the closest to earth for 18 years.

I took the girls a few kilometres out of the village this evening to watch the supermoon rise. I was a little disapointed as I knew I would be because Thailand is notorious for burning off rubbish and grass all year round so the horizon was typically hazy. Still, it was great to see and I am really sorry that this photo does not do it justice. All I have with me on this trip is a little point and shoot Christmas present that I have failed to read the instructions for but here it is anyway along with a better one with my two daughters Ariya and Marisah sitting in the back of the ute posing as the moon quickly rises behind them.

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  1. I think we’ll head out and have a look tonight too! We don’t anybody burning anything at the moment, but the sky is a bit overcast from rain. Anybody else getting rain in March? Bizarre weather in Thailand’s south – pretty much rained straight through the “dry season”.

    • No rain here Vern just beautiful cool weather although that will change tomorrow and back to those 40 degree build up to the wet season days. šŸ™ Hope you enjoy your clear view of the supermoon!

  2. Very nice! I used the first picture of the moon on my blog (

    is it ok?
    which part of thailand was that taken in?

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  4. We will have a supermoon tonight, unfortunately it will be cloudy in our area(South Pasadena CA). Like picture of your kids, enjoy seeing them grow up.


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