Building my little garden oasis in Ubon, Thailand part 1

With the dunny toilet finished apart from a few coats of pink paint it was time to make a start on the garden.

There are many smaller projects here that hopefully will come together at the end to create a little oasis in this dusty village I call my second home. Rather strange really as I don’t have a first home but anyway…….

One of the first things we organise was a general tidy up of the yard. We removed all the rubbish as well as the few weeds that were starting to come up through the soil we had brought in a year ago.

We then marked out and put in a kerb of sorts for the main garden bed that will seperate the fence that is against the road and where the lawn will go in. This garden bed will mainly be used for herbs. On the border that runs along side the house (from the road to the new toilet) we also put in a kerb but this will not be used as a garden bed as it is the main access point to the garden from downstairs. It is also under the shade of the new roof we just completed so here I will be putting in some stone pavings as well as pebbles to fill the gaps. I had to fight for this as Seerung wasn’t too keen but I eventually won the battle – I just hope now that it will look ok!

To make the kerbing we just used the left over bricks from the toilet and cemented them into place before rendering it. It is no Picasso but considering it was the first time that Khum and I had ever done such a thing I am fairly happy with it. Once the soil is put back and the herb garden and lawn is in full swing it should look the goods.

Other posts to come on this subject will be about buying plants, building a trellis, our new water tank and laying turf.

7 responses to “Building my little garden oasis in Ubon, Thailand part 1

  1. Looking good , and you got the curb good and straight too , you the Man , It will look soooo much better and really feel like home with all the TLC and projects , you are doing . Keep up the good work . Malcolm

    • Thanks Malcolm, I couldn’t believe how straight it ended up. I actually told my BIL that we should have a few beers first in an attempt to make it go straight!

  2. Why not paint the dunny pink? You can always change it at a later date.. You are becoming a gardener, good to hear mate. I look forward to some chemical free vegetables šŸ™‚

    I hate to admit it but I agree with you and the stones and pavers idea.

    • Good to see we can agree on at least one thing in life šŸ˜‰ I am not the gardener – my wife and who ever she can ring in to give her a hand. I help out only in the cool of the late afternoon!

  3. Excellent!

  4. Attachai Jintrawet

    Try to put some biochar in your garden.

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