Apple Mac in Ubon Ratchathani – exceptional service

Almost two weeks ago during a thunder storm the power fluctuated and stupid me still had my computer on charge. The next morning after I awoke from my slumber unfortunately the same could not be said for my constant companion of the last three years.

Expecting the worst the next day I drove into Ubon Ratchathani to find the Apple shop that I remembered driving past a few times over the years.

A very efficient and knowledgeable staff member confirmed that some technical part was fried and would need to be replaced. At a rough guess he thought that it would be between 20 and 30,000 baht ($666 – $1,000) and would I like to pay a 1,000 baht for a legitimate quote. I said I would and by that afternoon he called me with some bad and good news. The bad was that it was more then he originally thought and was going to cost closer to 40,000 baht to fix but the good news was that for some reason that particular part had a four year warranty while the rest of the machine was just 12 months. He said it would take about 10 days to source the parts and get it fixed and it would not cost me a single brass baht!

The following morning I went back in to sign the paperwork that was needed and this time I met the owner of the shop who goes by the name of Kitti.

His knowledge of Apples was exceptional and his English was also very good. He explained everything to me and gave me some good advice on getting my ipad online in the village as it cannot teether with my phone like my laptop does which is how I usually access the internet. I also decided while I was at it to swap my exsisting 120gb hard drive to a 250gb one. The cost for this was 1,500 baht ($50) for the new drive and another 1,500 baht for them to install it and swap all my files across.

So yesterday was ten days since all this happened and I went back to see Kitti and sure enough it was all done exactly how I wanted it. To get this sort of service in Ubon Ratchathani was just wonderful and I almost skipped out of the shop with my baby back under my arm where she belongs!

In my mind great service always deserves some some good publicity so here it is.

Even if you do not have a problem with your computer but own a Apple product and are in the Ubon Ratchathani area then get down and say hello to Kitti and check out some of the products they have on display.

The business is called M & C Computer Consulting and they are located opposite the new car park at Talart Yai (Big market). It is on the first one way street that runs parallel to the Moon River. Just this weekend they opened a second shop so this might be easier to find or be more convenient for you. It is located at the Robinson Shopping complex right next to the entrance on the main road (next to the donut shop.)

This is their website or you can email Kitti direct at kitti.mccom at gmail . com

Please support local businesses that offer exceptional service.

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  2. It’s so refreshing to have good service!! 🙂

    Can you put me out of my misery now?

  3. It’s so refreshing to have good service!! 🙂

    Can you ‘put me out of my misery now’ (not in a vet term) and tell me more details about that photo?

  4. Did you really want to say “Hello Kitty”? Exceptional service should be rewarded.

    • Thankfully he wasn’t wearing pink! I agree about exceptional service being rewarded and it has as I have had feed back from three people who read this blog and have since gone and spent money with Mr Kitty.

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  6. Kuhn Kitti

    iI am Ted Gugelyk….back from 4 months in USA….for many surgies…trying to contact you…still have problems with my g mail account….cannot send or receive…wrong address? I am at mobile: 085-4684192

    best regards to you and family


    • Hi Ted,
      Glad you are back and I hope all your surgery went well. I am sorry to say that I am not Khun Kitti. I just did a review on his shop and excellent customer service. Have you tried to call him or email him?

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