Latest gossip on Cinemas and shopping centres in Ubon Ratchathani

Spending a night in Ubon allows me to catch up with friends, food and gossip!

Two months ago I blogged about the City Mall which is building a new seven theatre complex which is going to be run by the SF group. Management told me that English movies will be regularly shown as part of the film rotations and that it was to be built where the existing small side car park on the southern side is located.

Just as we were checking out of the Sunee Hotel yesterday I noticed that the car park was now blocked off and that construction had begun. I also noticed however that some serious construction work was happening between the two towers on the side of the main road. It looks like they are going to link the two towers over the entire three floors and really expand the already huge floor space that they have. Someone told me later though that it is where the new cinema is going. If that is true then what is happened in the side car park?
It would make sense to have the cinema linking the two towers but now I am a little confused. I did not get a chance to ask management and won’t be able to before I leave so does anyone else know the full story?

In other news (not gossip this time) SK mall have announced to that they are going to spend 20 million baht ($666,000) on upgrading their current cinema, build a three story car park on the existing car park and give the entire place a much needed face lift. I say much needed as the entire place really is very depressing and given what City Mall are doing this upgrade is extra important for their survival.

Now for some shopping centre gossip. Many locals will have heard the rumours over the last few years of Central opening a new centre right next door to Big C on the main road. I heard a new twist on this and that is a new centre will indeed be build and very soon but it will not be by Central. It will be a private enterprise and will be aiming for the very high end market with all the big brand name stores that you might find in places like Paragorn in Bangkok. If this does eventuate what do you think? Is Ubon ready for this sort of place? I don’t think so. Sure there are plenty of very wealthy families in this city but they are the sort of people that will fly to Bangkok or overseas whenever the urge for some retail therapy hits them. There will be a lot of window shoppers though!

6 responses to “Latest gossip on Cinemas and shopping centres in Ubon Ratchathani

  1. I could see a Central like what Chiang Rai just got.

    But a high-end mall? I can’t see that being profitable out here yet, but they aren’t going to do it without market research so if it does come, it must be viable. There’s certainly plenty of room around Big C for a large mall.

    • That new place in Chiang Rai looks pretty swish. Open spaces like that make it so much more appealing but due to high land costs in Bangkok you will not find them there! I agree with you about these companies doing their research so one would assume that it will be profitable. However if the rumours are true and that it is smaller company building the new centre because Central has pulled out then that must raise a few eyebrows.

  2. Interesting for sure. How is the new road construction going near Sirindhorn Dam ?

    • It has been about 9 months since I last drove that road so I would assume (although more then likely I will be wrong) that they are finished.

  3. Who, in their right mind, would call their shop “Big C”? Gives English speakers a sense of foreboding.

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